If you’re looking to succeed with your marketing strategies, proper execution is what you must think of. One way of doing so is by utilizing digital marketing tools, which can help keep things more organized and allow for customizations when necessary. To outshine your marketing campaigns in 2021, you need to experiment with these ten digital marketing tools. From Google Analytics to SEMrush, this list has the tools to help make a splash in this new age of social media.


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MailChimp is a digital marketing tool designed to orchestrate and automate campaigns through emails. It’s one of the best tools for marketers with multiple integrations to track your campaign stats. This gives Mailchimp an edge over other SaaS companies when it comes to email marketing services.

Some of its features include:

  • create and send better content.
  • easy-to-use design features that allow you to make custom designs. 
  • AI-powered assistant for designing. 
  • free plan if you are a small marketer.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that can be utilized to make marketing decisions. Using this tool, you can track your e-commerce goals and website modifications all from one place. For one thing, you need to set up an account on Google Analytics to enjoy all its features.

Some of its features include:

  • A detailed insight into your website’s traffic and what customers are looking for on it. 
  • Create metrics, dimensions, and dashboards for easy data access. 
  • Design an intuitive experience for customers to increase engagement rates

Google Ads

tools digital marketing

Google Ads is a powerful and affordable marketing tool that businesses of all sizes can use. Many marketers think Google Ads are too expensive. Still, it’s worth considering because the cost-effectiveness relative to other digital advertising platforms has increased as more media buyers have come into play in recent years. 

The features of Google Ads:

  • Navigate website visits
  • Increase customer conversion through a click-to-call button

Canva Business

Canva is the perfect design tool to help develop effective campaigns through visual content shared on blogs and websites. Visual content is the backbone of any digital media campaign, so marketers need access to this platform. Users can choose from templates, stock images, and photos to design personal projects like logos, social media banners, or posters. They have many different styles already created.


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Trello is the content management tool of choice for digital marketers. With it, you can brainstorm and strategize your campaign’s content online by creating a board containing all necessary information. Trello also makes scheduling and organizing those items simple, with boards configured to suit different needs. Its prominent features are: 

  • Remote workers can access projects from anywhere.
  • Create cards with notes on them as you are creating deadlines or assigning tasks specifically to teams.


Slack is a messaging app that allows for team communication and sharing of content. This makes it an essential tool in the digital marketer’s arsenal. Through this medium, teams can discuss client work, new articles, or other projects. All your communications happen seamlessly within one application, from Slack threads to direct messages on established channels like #general-chat; from private conversations to public ones. You can chat about anything without having to switch between different applications.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the most talked-about plugins on WordPress that can help digital marketers optimize their websites. It helps them to perform better in search results and reach more people. The plugin provides you access to the Yoast SEO meta box to add metadata, descriptions, and titles. Specifically, the entire effort is to optimize web pages or blog post’s performance on search engines. Also, it automatically produces & submits XML sitemaps of websites without having third-party installation plugins needed.

Survey Anyplace

tools digital marketing

SurveyAnyplace is a platform that connects marketers with their targeted customer base to create fun and interactive quizzes, assessments, and surveys. Marketers can use this tool for brand identity building by creating engaging content. Hence, customers are interested in what they have to offer.


Ahrefs is one of the most sought-after digital marketing tools in today’s marketplace. With their suite of search engine optimization tools, Ahrefs makes it easier for you to optimize your website based on your marketing requirements. In particular, it offers a backlink checker that lets you identify and analyze all incoming links found within any given web page or domain name with its massive data index. This gives customers an edge over other marketers who have not yet utilized this innovative software.


tools digital marketing

SEMrush helps you grow your online visibility with SEO, content marketing, market research advertising, and social media management. The features of SEMrush are its ability to help boost organic traffic by helping in creating the most relevant quality content. 

The tool helps in revealing competitors’ strategies for success so as not to repeat their mistakes. Moreover, it uncovers new ways of reaching more prospects without spending a dime and offers support when it comes down to building up an effective Social Media strategy


With these tools, you will be able to understand better and manage your digital marketing campaigns. However, you need to know that while some offer a free trial, they are all paid. But, it is worth the investment. You can contact Out Origin for more information or request a free quote.

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