5 Important Social Media Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing, also referred to as SSM, is utilizing social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and even Youtube to drive engagement between your business and your customers through posting videos, images, text, and updates. It builds a level of trust between a business and its customers. Around 98% of all big and small businesses are utilizing social media platforms to build their brand image, drive customer engagement as well as sales, boost brand loyalty, and get good exposure for their company.

How Does Social Media Marketing Benefit Small Businesses?

According to a recent study posted by Duct Tape Marketing, 90% of all marketing experts strongly believe that social media marketing is essential to their day-to-day business. This is because around 87% of the general population have multiple social media accounts across different platforms, while the rest admit to having at least one account or two. When utilizing social media marketing strategies, you are essentially opening your business up to all these potential customers that may never find you any other way even if they are close to your business establishment. Here is a list of reasons why social media is essential to small businesses;

➝ Your business events can be held online without any additional expenses being put on you.

➝ Sell directly to loyal and long-term customers with higher margins without having to pay the middle man.

➝ Advertise at a lower cost and reduces your overall expenses.

➝ Get direct customer feedback and build customer loyalty.

➝ Build your online reputation by establishing your brand’s message and voice.

➝ Interact with other businesses and even competition.

➝ Extend your market reach, including international markets with more exposure from social media.

➝ Increase revenue by building customer networks.

Essential Social Media Pointers For Small Businesses

Now that you are aware of the benefits of social media marketing, it is apparent that it is near impossible to get a small business off the ground without having a solid social media presence. Not only does it help on the making sales front, but it also helps a lot when you are looking to expand your business or even market your product and services. However, it is near impossible to have a successful business social media account without knowing the proper do’s and don’ts of social media marketing. Here are five tips to look out for when making a social media account for your business:

Optimization is a vital part of online marketing, whether it be social media marketing or any other, you need your business platforms to be fully optimized to get exposure, grow your business, and gain new customers. A handful of ways to optimize your business’s social media presence is as follows: