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Lead Generation is a powerful tool in any business’s marketing arsenal. There are many aspects to generating leads. Yet, the most critical question that arises is, “what are some of the best lead generation tools?” These lead-generation tools not only help you collect data on your prospects, but they also provide details like name, email address, and much more. Here is our list of the top 8 lead generation tools. 

Yoast SEO Plugin

lead generationYoast SEO is an effective WordPress plugin for those who want to optimize their posts/pages and rank on social networks and Search Engines such as Google. It makes writing killer content more effortless than ever by enabling users to consider keyword density, readability, etc. It also has several additional tools, including templates for any niche or audience type from blogs about fashion tips up-to-date. 


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A huge time saver and a long list of features make SEMrush one of the most highly recommended SEO tools, which is why we use it to track keyword rankings. With its powerful suite of modules that include site audits, backlink analysis, competitive intelligence gathering and more – you’ll have a lot less research on your plate.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers a free, simple way to measure your business’s performance. With this tool, you can see how well your content performs on Google Search and YouTube. It also allows for deep insights into the behaviour of potential customers, like their search habits and what products are being viewed before purchase by people visiting web pages through ads or links from other sites.


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BuzzSumo is a vital tool for digital marketing experts that will help you build your content strategy. With it, you can find out what type of content has been most successful in the past and maximize its performance by choosing similar topics to create new posts or articles with Buzzsumo’s built-in tools. You can also use its link-building feature. It lets you know which influencers are best to contact. Once these influencers share your post with their followers, you could potentially turn their audience into your customers.


Ahrefs is a staple among SEO tools and has been considered one of the best for link building since it was first launched. It’s easy to use yet highly effective. With over 1 trillion links indexed, this tool will help you find exactly what you’re looking for in an instant. You can see other websites trying to rank higher than yours on Google search pages.

Moz Local

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Moz’s social media listening tool analyzes the keywords mentioned in conversations about your brand across any site where people are talking. Users can drill down into individual mentions of their company or product name by date range. Moz also provides a live feed of critical insights gleaned directly from these conversations. This includes performance metrics like sentiment analysis – positive/negative ratio or keyword spotting frequency trends related to topics important in those discussions.


You can find potential customers by using Twitter Search. For example, if you’re a web designer offering your services or product on Twitter, search for the term “web designers” to collect information about companies who have tweeted looking for one themselves. You may also use advanced Twitter search that supports boolean operators to narrow down what you’re searching for. This will help immensely when trying to contact people privately through the email tools mentioned earlier.


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The HubSpot lead generation program is a perfect solution for any company that wants to develop customer relationships. The free version of the software offers everything from CRM functionality, email templates, automation campaigns, and marketing features such as inbound traffic analytics and outbound telemarketing campaign tracking. For companies looking to utilize these tools without breaking their budget, there is an affordable premium paid plan at $50 per month, including unlimited leads, priority support access with consultants who are available 24/7 by phone or chat, over 25 integrations, including Salesforce & Google Analytics.


These are our top 8 recommended lead generation tools that marketing professionals worldwide have been using to succeed in their prospecting process and get more qualified leads! Share your experience with us via comments right now – we love hearing from our readers.

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