SERPs And How Do They Work?

Important Are SERPs? SERPs, also referred to as Search Engine Result Pages, are essentially the catalog of links to websites a search engine like Google generates to respond to a user’s query. SERPs are of various types, including organic search results, paid ads, related images, featured snippets, knowledge graphs, and video results. In all these […]


Logo Design and Its Core Elements

Brand owners are always looking for ways to make their brand stand out and be memorable. One way to do this is through a logo. A logo is an important part of a company’s identity and a good logo design can portray the message they want to convey in a simple image or symbol. Designing […]


Everything about Microsoft Advertising Health Blog

You might be interested in the latest update from Microsoft Advertising Health Blog, which now allows marketers to track their advertising and measure performance. The dashboard makes it easy for anyone with a basic understanding of technology to see direct analytics. There is no need of technical knowledge or programming skills! Benefits of Microsoft Advertising […]


How To Efficiently Use Display Advertising

Digital media has taken the marketing world by storm, and almost all the things seen on retail stores are also available online. Highlighting a product digitally towards a targeted audience is known as digital or display advertising. The main advantage of digital marketing is that it gives room for better visuals and easy explanation. Display […]