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Walmart is the most profitable business in the entire world right now. Their e-commerce profit rates, up by 74% in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, show how successful it is as both a retailer and a business. 

It also has 11,501 stores across the globe and gets a steady flow of around 265 million customers weekly. Not only is getting a listing on Walmart food for turning profits, but it also gives businesses a significant advantage on the market.

However, previously, this was easier said than done. This is because, formerly, Walmart had enforced a rule that the sellers had to be registered in the United States as a business for them to get a Walmart listing.

Fortunately, is going for an expansion at the moment. With their profitability at an all-time high, we might be looking towards a significant surge in brand listing on for the next few months.

What Is Going On With The Expansion?

Brands were previously required to be registered in the United States for to give them a listing. This regulation has been removed. There is no need for United States registration to get listed on their website. 

This has been a massive development as it opens the gates for Canadian and International brands to get the opportunity to be listed as the most profitable retailer in the World. This is still in its initial stages as it has barely been a month since the announcement.

This means that to get on Walmart’s third-party marketplace, foreign sellers which do not own a United States citizenship do not need a US address or business tax identification.

What This Could Mean For Big and Small Businesses:

According to many marketing experts, this expansion could have a significant impact on big and small businesses. 

Many businesses were looking to get listed on for years. Still, they were unable to for the simple reason that their brand was not registered as a United States business.  

At present, big-name corporations and small businesses looking to get more exposure can be listed as third-party sellers on Walmart’s website. 

These businesses can realistically double their profits using Walmart’s platform to their benefit. However, the interested parties are still required to follow the standard procedure for a listing.

How to List Your Brand on

Here is a step by step guide to get your brand listed on

Step# 01

Go to the Walmart Marketplace website.

Step# 02

To become a Marketplace Seller click on the “Request to Sell” option.

Step# 03

The request to sell option directs you to a registration page.

Step# 04

Fill out the required information, complete your “Request to Sell Application” and click on the “Save” button.

Step# 05

The next step is to fill out the company registration information. You can complete the Partner Profile by filling the five main sections: Account Creation, Partner Registration, Taxes (for US registered businesses),  and Shipping Information.

Step# 06

The last step is to complete your item set up and running tests for items and orders. The new Item Spec 4.0 can help you immensely in accomplishing that by simplifying your efforts and enabling multiple functions from a single spec sheet.

Avoid Marketing Mistakes

However, this can be quite a lot to handle if you are not familiar with the registration process. Many businesses tend to make mistakes which can be quite detrimental in the long run.

These mistakes can be something as simple as not setting the correct prices for your items or creating item pages that the buyers do not respond to well. 

To avoid such mistakes, make sure you get in touch with a reputable marketing agency with a team of marketing professionals to guide your brand throughout the process.

Benefits of Listing Your Brand on

Due to Walmart’s reputation and big name, many brands tend to find it a bit intimidating, however, it can be extremely beneficial to get a listing on as a third-party seller. Here is a list of reasons to get your brand listed:

  • Exposure:

The best thing about getting a listing is exposure. Walmart’s platform offers your brand the opportunity to display your products to millions of buyers at a time.

  • Discoverability:

Getting a listing to a third-party seller also increases your brand and product discoverability by 67%.

  • Conversion Rates:

Item Spec 4.0 is a huge asset to sellers and if very essential for boosting your conversion rates twice as much. You can even specify any attributes relevant to your product which helps it appear on customer searches more often.

  • Profits and Product Visibility:

Use the product ranking algorithm of Walmart’s website to your advantage through specific tags. This will maximize profits and increase your product visibility to interested buyers.

  • Monthly Fees:

The Walmart Marketplace requires no monthly fees, unlike any other online marketing platform. However, your brand does have to pay a referral fee, which can vary from 6% to 15%, depending on your product type and price.

  • Competition:

As compared to other digital marketing platforms and e-commerce websites, Walmart has lower competition within its sellers. Although this could change in the future, however, at the moment, there has never been a more opportune time to get a listing on the biggest retailer in the world.

  • Diversity:

Diversity is of great importance to the digital market these days. Being a diverse brand by selling on other big-name marketplaces, like Walmart, can change the course of your brand’s professional image for the better.

In Conclusion

All in all, the expansion is bringing quite exceptional business to the doorsteps of many foreign brands. 

Whether your brand will swim in the sea of millions of potential buyers or sink in the experienced waters of competition is up to you.

Our team is experienced with programs designed to help you reach more customers and sell more products on the channel. We have the knowledge and ability to support the marketplace expansion of your brand on Walmart.



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