As mobile devices become ever more powerful, businesses recognize the value of having their custom app. With an easy-to-access application at your fingertips, you can offer exquisite services to a wide range of customers and maintain long-term relationships with them.

The best way to boost mobile app sales is by considering the user experience. With this in mind, many companies like Nike and Dominos are deploying various strategies to enhance customer loyalty and employ innovative marketing techniques. This way, they keep their customers hooked on an app until they purchase something.

These tips shared by us will help you find a loophole in your mobile app development process. You reinvent it so that desired goals are achieved. Here are 8 ways you can create a massively successful app.

Simple & Sleek Design:

Simple & Sleek Design

Mobile apps can be difficult to use with too many features or creative and unusual designs. If the app is not found useful, it will most likely get deleted after just one experience – you don’t want that. A simple design with relevant features only helps users navigate easily while making a long-lasting impression on customers of all ages.

Higher performance.

Higher performance

The frustration of a slow-loading app is enough to lead your customers away. When it takes more than five seconds for an application to load, about 60% of users will close the program and move on with another task. Suppose you have too many unnecessary features or graphics in your mobile app. In that case, this can cause a delay in processing within the app. The best way around this problem is to limit unnecessary images or functions as much as possible while still maintaining quality content. This way, users won’t leave before completing their desired tasks, including any purchase made.

Feasible Login Methods.

Feasible Login Methods

Provide your users with easy ways to log in and share their achievements. As per our mobility experts, the best way to retain user retention on a mobile app is by letting them log in with existing social media accounts instead of creating new ones. Letting them use pre-existing credentials will allow more time to try out all of the features you have built into this great application than waiting for logins.

Interactive Content.

Interactive Content

To make your mobile app more interesting and increase user retention, you should add engaging content to it regularly. This will provide users with something fresh they want to check out again in the future while also providing them with an exceptional experience. It’s more important than ever for businesses of all sizes and industries across the globe to use this tactic to retain customers.

Incentives and Rewards.

Incentives and Rewards

New and innovative ways to increase user engagement are a must when doing mobile app development. One great way of doing this is by rewarding your users with points, especially when they refer to your application or complete tasks related to the task at hand. Later, they can cash those points for shopping credits. 

Push Notifications and Discounts. 

Push Notifications and Discounts

Push notifications are one way to make sure app users know about discounts. You can encourage them by sending out a promotional push notification on their screen when they open the mobile application. This is perfect for getting customers excited and engaged in your business more often.

User Security.

User Security

E-commerce apps ask for many details from customers ranging from their particulars to their financial credentials like card details, etc. Apps are prone to security risks. The absence of quality firewall settings could lead to a huge loss amongst customers’ personal and financial assets. The safety feature is related to trust. A secured payment gateway that offers a safe wallet would make your loyal client base develop by leaps and bounds.

Feedback from Users.

Feedback from Users

Users are the key to success for any app. They provide feedback on app usability and functionality, making improving updates based on their comments easier. When users feel valued, they’ll continue using an application without forgetting about your brand in favor. 



There are many ways to make your app stand out and appeal to the masses. The above points can help you build an application that users wish they downloaded to support your business venture. However, there is no magic formula or secret ingredient needed just yet. If you want a more detailed analysis of app development, Out Origin can help you. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.