Thinking of starting an online business? Before you begin, know that there are numerous things you need to consider first. For instance, you need to get your website done, workout all the legwork, find the right vendor, etc. If you venture out to accomplish these tasks on your own, chances are you might not get anything done. Our advice goes for choosing a professional E-commerce solutions service that can do the job for you without any troubles.

Now, the real concern is how to find a good service that provides effective E-commerce solutions? Considering that everyone these days wants to be a jack of all trades and sell E-commerce solutions, here are 10 things you need to consider when selecting a genuine service provider.


Domain Name & Web Hosting

E-Commerce Solution | Domain Name & Web Hosting

Every E-commerce website needs authentic hosting and a catchy domain name to get things going. Precisely, the E-commerce solution you try must have servers operating at high speeds with more than 99% uptime and bandwidth that keeps your online store functioning 24/7. For domain name, you must be able to buy it from the company or deal with an external registrar.

Personalized Templates

E-Commerce Solution | Personalized Templates

To have your business grow at a substantial rate, get a visually appealing website. There are numerous themes available online and can be customized to any extent. Bringing your creativity to the website certifies the way you want your brand to look. Get your service provider to play with themes and bring your vision to life!


Shopping-cart tools

E-Commerce Solution | Shopping-cart tools

Without a shopping cart, customers cannot select products and proceed towards checkout, making it an essential part of your online business. With relevant tools, you should be able to manage inventory, track orders, and handle customer profiles. Most customers prefer having an inventory that counts products and gives sold-out/back-order alerts. A well-designed cart also handles discount codes, coupons, customization options, benefitting the customer in every way possible.

Conversion tools

E-Commerce Solution | Conversion tools

Quite often, the customer needs to be convinced into buying your product. To convince them, you need conversion tools like testimonials, recommendations, and product comparisons. To minimize abandonment of shopping carts, Out Origin offers the service of email marketing with single-page checkouts and email reminders targeted towards interested customers who were either intrigued or have left items in the cart without making the checkout.

Payment options

E-Commerce Solution | Payment options

An effective way of alleviating sales is to provide customers with preferred methods of payment. Go for options such as credit cards, digital wallets like Google Wallet and PayPal, or mobile payments. Know how the customer information is dealt with and whether the payment system integrates with your bank account.

Third-party apps

E-Commerce Solution | Third-party apps

Using customer-friendly apps to operate your business is indeed a professional approach. You cannot only integrate them with your online store, but you won’t have to import data manually. This usually saves an ample amount of time, which you can invest in other things. Take Shopify, for instance; it gives the option of shipping services and accounting options. From running financial reports, preparing shipments, dispatching orders, and receiving updates, these apps can be your do-it-all.


Marketing and analytics tools

E-Commerce Solution | Marketing and analytics tools

Choosing E-commerce solutions for your business is all about having the right marketing and analytic tools. You may require tools like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to rank your website on various search engines, management systems for blogging content, and relevant social marketing strategies. 

Customer support

E-Commerce Solution | Customer support

Providing competent customer support is what’ll set your business apart from others. Mostly, customers get frustrated when they aren’t able to get in touch with a service provider for maintenance or tech support. You can always refer to Out Origin for different types of customer support, including Shopify, Bigcommerce, etc., with the feasibility of email, live chat, and user guide support.


E-Commerce Solution | Security

Being an online seller, it’s a necessity to protect both your data and customer information. Therefore, you need a secure shopping cart with payment card industry (PCI) compliance and a secure socket layer (SSL). Ask your service provider for data backup and recovery in case of any potential disaster.

The Bottom line

E-Commerce Solution at Out Origin

When it choosing an E-commerce solutions provider for your business, consider all the factors listed above and for growth. At Out Origin, we provide insightful E-commerce solutions, proficient and targeted towards expanding your product sales while staying per your customer’s needs.