Marketing is all about selling products at the end of the day. It has been the only motto of any marketing sector for years. But with time, the dynamics in the relationship between the buyer and the seller have evolved. The working process of digital marketing companies developing strategies has always been smarter than the other forms of marketing. So, without digging any deeper, let us precisely know what is ‘customer engagement rate’?

The simplest form of the definition of ‘customer engagement’ would be the measures taken by the brands to build and strengthen a one-to-one relationship with their customers beyond the bare transactional purpose. This marketing method can prove to be very useful in building the brand’s credibility among the customers, improve customer retention, broaden the up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, foster brand identity, and so much more.

Thus, knowing the effective digital marketing strategies to boost the customer engagement rates of your brand is vital. Let us explore some of the most helpful strategies you can incorporate in your company to take it to soar heights.


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Find Various Ways to Interact with Your Customers

1) Find Various Ways to Interact with Your Customers

Social media is not a business advertisement forum. But people like sharing their experiences with any product or service, whether good or bad. Also, they follow many brands that they might have come across at any point in time of their lives. But as a marketer or a digital marketing company, your aim should be making content to grab their attention and engage with your brand. Initiate conversations with the customers only to evoke a positive response.

Do not forget to comment back when people comment on your posts. Replying as fast as you can to the customers’ complaints is very important to show how much you value them. Track any good or bad response of your customers to let them believe that you are with them on the journey.

Run Different Contests to Increase Engagement

2) Run Different Contests to Increase Engagement

People always love games and contests and find them very engaging because of the adrenaline rush they experience with the very thought of winning and getting rewards. These contests can benefit your brand in many ways, like growing brand awareness, increasing leads, increasing new customers, or re-engage the existing customers to give them a nudge. In order to create a contest, you need to determine an entry method.

You can create a short and catchy hashtag, make a proper theme for the game that relates directly to your brand, communicate a criterion of how people are going to win the contest, and finally choose a prize very intelligently that can be a win-win for both your brand and your customers.

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Conduct Surveys on Different Platforms

3) Conduct Surveys on Different Platforms

Conducting surveys on different social media platforms is a great way to comprehend your customer base more closely. And it can also prove how much you value your customers and learn to improve the customers’ experience, thereby increasing their loyalty toward your brand. There are many methods to increase customer engagement through surveys. The leading digital marketing companies follow some of the following strategies:

  • Set an objective you want to gain from the survey
  • Choose a useful tool. For instance, you can go for social media surveys or any other devices like google survey or survey monkey.
  • Choose a peak time to post the surveys.
  • Make a meaningful and short questionnaire.
  • If possible, offer something in return for taking the survey.
  • Set a deadline and send reminders accordingly.
  • Post the results positively if you want your customers to take you seriously.

Boost Popular Posts

4) Boost Popular Posts and Regram

Your simplest of actions can generate a tremendous response beyond your expectation. The amount of trust and loyalty you can gain from your customers by just sharing your mutual moments or boosting a fairly popular post on social media is unthinkable. Every business owner needs to keep posting ads regularly for their brand. A wise digital marketing company would grab the opportunity to boost a post or ad if they notice it getting more attention than the other. It will immediately amplify the overall reach of the post.

Similarly, if you notice any of your customers mention your brand or your product, you repost it on your page, citing that person. Instagrammers term it as ‘programming.’ This act will connect them emotionally with your brand and increase your follower number.

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Give the Customers a Personalized Experience

5) Give the Customers a Personalized Experience

Every human being feels unique about themselves. If you can modify this fundamental human nature in favor of your business’s growth, you will see the difference. Studies have shown that almost 75% of people are inclined towards brands that offer a personalized experience.

Although social media is an excellent digital marketing platform, it is not very helpful for giving people a personalized experience. In contrast, the majority of people prefer email for a more personalized space. You can target your customers by keeping track of their recent website activity, interests, location, purchase history, job industry, etc.

Improve Customer Support System

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6) Improve Customer Support System

Do you aspire to take your business to the zenith of success? Then you always have to put your customers’ satisfaction and happiness before everything else. A flawed customer service system can cripple a profitable business in no time. You always want to make your customers feel valued for you.

Try to encourage every employee to become customer-focused. Engage a human-supported customer support system because that helps people realize that they are actually being listened to and understood. Always treat your customer in a kind and helpful manner. It is your responsibility to make them know that you care for their happiness and not after their money.

The Bottom line

In conclusion, we can say that customer engagement is not something you achieve one time. It is a never-ending process in order to grow your business. You always have to find new ways under digital marketing strategies to engage more people with your website for more monetary conversions. The strategies mentioned above are some of the prevalent and effective ways to boost your brand website’s customer engagement rates.

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