In the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising, strategic partnerships can unlock new possibilities for advertisers. One such groundbreaking collaboration is between X (formerly Twitter) and Google Ads. This alliance, aimed at expanding reach and increasing impact, introduces a unique dimension to online advertising.

The Partnership

The partnership between X and Google Ad Manager is a gateway for advertisers to access X’s home feed inventory programmatically through Google Ads Display campaigns. This means that advertisers can seamlessly integrate their campaigns with X’s platform, leveraging the extensive reach of over 200 million daily active users.

Google Partnership with Twitter Out Origin

The Difference

Advertisers can run Google Ads Display campaigns on X’s home feed inventory, a prime section of the platform where users encounter posts from people they follow and topics of interest. This functionality doesn’t imply a merger of X and Google Ads into a single platform or service, so Advertisers can continue to create and manage their Google Ads Display campaigns independently.

The Benefit

The utility of this partnership lies in providing advertisers with an additional avenue to amplify their message. By tapping into X’s engaged user base through Google Ads’ familiar campaign set-up and targeting tools, advertisers can enhance their outreach and impact.

Enhancing Business Campaigns: Twitter & Google Ads Integration Out Origin

How Does This Help Businesses Running Campaigns Separately on Twitter and Google Ads?

Even though businesses can still run campaigns on Twitter and Google Ads separately, this partnership offers a valuable opportunity. Advertisers can utilize Google Ads’ established campaign set-up and targeting tools to extend their reach to X’s vast audience, providing a more integrated approach to their marketing strategy.

Is It a New/Single Platform to Execute the Campaign?

No, this partnership does not create a new or single platform for campaign execution. Advertisers will still operate on both Twitter and Google Ads as distinct entities. However, the collaboration allows advertisers to incorporate X’s home feed inventory seamlessly into their Google Ads Display campaigns.

What’s to do?

The opportunity in this partnership lies in its ability to offer advertisers a broader reach and more impactful campaigns. By connecting with X’s audience of over 200 million engaged daily users, advertisers gain a unique advantage. The partnership enables the blending of Google’s advanced targeting features with X’s dynamic platform, presenting an unparalleled opportunity to create influential and resonant advertising campaigns.


X’s less stringent advertising guidelines require advertisers to carefully consider the context in which their ads may be displayed.


In conclusion, the Google Ads + X (formerly Twitter) partnership represents a symbiotic relationship that empowers advertisers with a wider reach and the tools needed to make a more significant impact in the digital advertising landscape. As the advertising industry continues to evolve, collaborations like these pave the way for innovative and effective marketing strategies.


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It’s important to note that while the partnership provides a promising avenue for advertisers, caution is advised due to the potential risk of campaigns appearing alongside inappropriate or offensive content on X. This is why, to make the most efficient & effective use of this new partnership, having Out Origin’s experts on your side will make all the difference. Contact Out Origin today to learn how our agency can help you harness the power of Google Ads partnering with Twitter (now X) for your marketing campaigns. With our expertise and strategic approach, we can upgrade your brand’s online presence and drive meaningful results. Let’s take your marketing to the next level.