Email marketing is no joke. You can use it to climb ranks and gain hefty profits. However, you first need to know how to do email marketing for that to happen. A few missteps and mistakes can ruin things. So you have to be really careful or hire an email marketing agency to help you out. A little extra knowledge is always good; here are 10 mistakes that could be holding back the growth of subscribers.

Email marketing is an essential part of your business marketing strategy. It’s a great way to get new customers and promote products or services you have available for sale on site. You have to be very careful when executing this strategy because there’s always the risk that you will waste time with no revenue gained in return. Moreover you can lose precious subscribers who may eventually unsubscribe from these messages due to the run-on spam messages.

10 Common Mistakes To Know About

So you’re struggling to grow your email list? It could be due to many reasons. One of them is making too many promises. It’s essential to do what works and stay true to one campaign at a time before expanding or modifying in any way. This gives users clarity about where they stand while giving advertisers control over how much budget goes into each promoted post or newsletter item (and lessens risk).

Or it could be something else. If you are unable to figure out the problem you can contact executive email marketing services. They will help identify what you lack and get on the right track to boost your sales. However, a little information is always good. So here is a list of common mistakes that can ruin your email marketing and hurt your brand.

Abandoning Subscribers

So, you’ve finally landed a new subscriber. What do you think about sending them an email outlining all the benefits your product has to offer? But first some crucial information; the first email should be a welcome one. This will allow your new subscriber to become more engaged with what they see and hear from the start, rather than having their attention drawn away by other messages. It’s really simple: write something engaging and informative, so they don’t delete it without even opening it.

To make it more interesting, make sure your welcome email is short and sweet, with a focus on basics. It’s important to include: A welcoming text and your name or company title. This will help customers remember who approached them before their next purchase. You could also introduce yourself in email marketing campaigns, in terms of what you do at your business (I’m Mary Smith from ABC Corp., please think about our offer before deciding anything).

Think of it as an invitation to join your cause and be a part of something bigger. Setting the tone for future communication will help you keep subscribers’ attention, which is key if they’re going straight into their inboxes without reading anything else first.

Forgetting the Call To Action

A call to action can be the difference maker between an overlooked email and one that results in conversion. Without a CTA, your content might not get noticed by people who are scrolling through their inboxes quickly, looking for something exciting or valuable; with it, you’ll have more success getting readers interested in what’s coming next.

The first step to writing effective email marketing campaigns is knowing what you want the reader’s next move to be. Are they looking for more information? Trying out your product or service with one click of a button? And don’t forget that emails are all about getting someone from point A (their initial interest) straight down the rabbit hole until you’ve achieved your desired outcome. And that could be anything really; new subscribers on board as well as old ones returning back again because they found something interesting.

When creating your call-to-action, make it easy for people to find and understand by using the right words. Your CTA’s message should be clear, so your customers do not get confused or misled. It will lead to better results. If there are multiple actions they can take after finding their way onto your site, then you should recommend repeating some key points (or even just one).

Not Catering To Mobile Users

Your email conversion rates will skyrocket when you format your emails for mobile devices. It’s a mistake to avoid, as nowadays, almost 70% of all emails are opened on smartphones and tablets.

Keep your content simple and clean to make it easier for readers on all screens. Use an image or two, no bigger than 600 pixels in size, and text that is easily readable on smaller devices like mobile phones.

The modern world is becoming increasingly digital, which means that we need to consider how our content will look on a wide range of devices. If you’re not able or willing to do so yourself,  there are services available that can optimize your content for mobile phones without too much difficulty.

Your emails are essential, so it’s best to test them on various mobile apps. Most people tend to reach out to a professional email marketing agency to figure out small mistakes like this. You can troubleshoot errors this way and make sure your content is coming across how you intended.

No Professionalism

The tone of voice in your emails should be friendly, professional, and informative. Here are some things that will help make them sound better and more professional.

It’s a shame to see spelling and grammar mistakes in copywriting. It makes you look amateurish, which can confuse readers who might not know the correct meaning created by lousy language use. Always utilize spellcheckers before submitting anything for publication for email marketing campaigns. They’re amazing tools that will catch most errors without sacrificing creativity or flow-of writing style too much (and if not? There are plenty more programs out there where this one came from).

It is better to leave attachments out as the professionals do so too. Unless, of course, the reader specifically signed up to receive a PDF. Also, don’t have any pesky little schemes or programs that pop up all over the screen when reading an email.

Moreover, the constant reuse of bad stock images hurt your chances of retaining subscribers and making conversions.

Colorful language may seem like a great idea at first, but you should consider its impression on your audience. Most market niches won’t be impressed by colorful descriptions, so if in doubt, leave them out.

Too Much Self-Promotion

The key to making your sales pitch successful is to be personable and natural. If you come on too strong, people will unsubscribe from the email or social media timeline before even receiving any information they might be interested in. So first learn how to do email marketing and be genuine–project an air of authenticity that only comes with honesty.

With so many other email marketing campaigns being advertised to them, it’s easy for your readers to get overwhelmed.

Moving on, here are a few ways you can make sure your voice stands out.

  • Write your copy, so it’s engaging and flows like an old friend telling the story of their life.
  • Instead of talking about how great you are, focus on what your subscribers need and want. This will make it easier for potential customers to see why they should buy from you instead.
  • Make your headlines captivating and engaging instead of focusing solely on selling, and reap the full benefits of email marketing.

Overuse Of Images

With a photo or stock image, you are able to visually represent the content of your email in an engaging way. However, overuse can hurt motivation for reading further into what’s being offered.

The two biggest reasons for turning off images in emails are security against spammers and speed. If people don’t see any visual cues, it can slow down the read-through. However, using pictures sparingly ensures that these beneficial effects aren’t lost by overwhelming your audience with photos.

With email marketing campaigns, you can use text so images won’t fail to load or be blocked by services. In addition, services like these let users add this extra content without having any HTML code knowledge.

Late Initiative

With the ever-changing algorithms and strong competition, it can be difficult for businesses to get their message across..

The SMS channel is often the first port of call for email marketing services. You can use it to remind your customers about emails, ensuring they never miss one in their inboxes. This will lead you to more conversions and up overall sales.

Focusing On Sales

The number of views or subscribers you have doesn’t matter in email marketing campaigns. What’s important is that your content and message also resonates with people on an emotional level, so they take action. Whether it’s signing up for more information, purchasing something from the product list, or sharing a post via social media sites.

Moreover, when it comes to your email marketing campaigns, you need the right tone of voice for each audience. The goal is to make sales and bring in customers so they can reach their needs and eventually buy what’s being offered.

Non Working Links

Avoid the frustration of having someone click on your link and not receive anything by making sure that they are directed to a legitimate page. A good way for this would be through an HTTP or HTTPS protocol in their browser and using SSL (secure socket layer) encryption, so there’s no misconception about where you’re taking them from.

You can’t afford to have links that don’t work. Your campaign will be a failure, and you’ll waste time on it.

No Tracking

We cannot underestimate the power of email marketing services. Another thing that helps with your campaigns is tracking them, so you can see what works best for future endeavors and avoid wasting time or money on things that don’t pan out as expected or desired.

Incorporating tracking programs into your email campaign will help identify what messages work and get subscribers’ attention.


The success and benefits of email marketing are undeniable. Everyone needs to consider using email marketing.

You might have just realized that you fall into the category of people doing email marketing wrong. However, it’s not too late; you can easily fix these common mistakes, and you’ll be on your way to perfection.