PPC, or Pay Per Click advertising, is a form of internet marketing that every other business uses to pay for the number of times users click on their advertisements. It’s an effective way to increase traffic and visibility for your company. With display ads often costing more than other online advertising methods, PPC is the “go-to” method for advertisers wanting their ad to be relevant and worth paying attention to. They only have to pay when someone takes click action.

Popular types of PPC

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Google’s AdWords is the most popular form of pay-per-click advertising. The network allows you to run ads on search results and private websites with keyword targeting. On the other hand, Bing lets people advertise differently, offering contextual ad placement within web pages. Moreover, it also allows access to Microsoft properties like Outlook online.

Facebook also offers an advertising platform for brands and marketers to reach their target audience on this massive site. In addition to its text-based ads, you can now use PPC display ads if you’re looking for more creative visuals rather than just words.

Besides the above PPC types, you can use retargeting campaigns to turn potential customers into actual ones. Retargeting is a great way to catch viewer’s attention again and reinforce your branding in the process.

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Cost of PPC

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You need business-targeted keywords to run your PPC campaigns. Usually, seed keywords such as “life insurance,” “fitness equipment,” or “digital marketing” are costlier due to higher demand. Running ads for these keywords would be budget heavy compared to keywords like “iron chest master,” “Out Origin,” or “AKN life insurance.” This phenomenon becomes evident by these ads’ respective prices but also their placements within search engine rankings. Google is the most expensive of all media buys (followed by Bing Ads), respectively.

Ad networks offer the option to set a budget so that your PPC campaign does not exceed it. For example, you set up your campaign with $100 per day in mind as an upper limit for spending. Once this amount is spent on ads, the campaign will automatically stop until you put more money.

Elements of PPC

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There’s more to PPC than what most advertisers realize. We have listed the most critical elements of a PPC campaign:

Campaign nature – The nature of the campaign lies at the top. For example, is it based on the Christmas holidays? Or some other annual festival? 

Ad group- Your Ad group is the container for keywords in search marketing and PPC advertising. Without an ad group, you cannot create a campaign or place ads to target them specifically.

KeywordsGoogle uses keyword relevance for ad placement. This improves conversion rates by giving searchers what they’re looking for faster and easier. Consider choosing the best phrases that represent what your business does best. 

Ad Text – For an ad to be successful, copywriting must tempt readers to click. It is best to write your ad text engagingly and emphatically.

Landing Page – The landing page is crucial to maximizing the chance of converting a user. It should be relevant and provide value for your target audience to feel satisfied with their experience.

Hiring a professional

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Going into PPC for your business without professional guidance is like going on a treasure hunt blindfolded. There are just too many ways to lose money when you venture into online advertising without the help of an experienced team.

You need an agency to help you find the best ad network for your brand and work with you on ad copy, bidding strategies, and testing. Make sure that before starting any campaign, you do plenty of competitive analysis not to waste time or money.

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