Since Snapchat first launched in 2011, it has become one of the most popular social media platforms. With over 319 million daily active users, businesses are starting to take notice of the platform’s potential for marketing their products and services. Snapchat can be a bit confusing at first, but with a little guidance, from an established Digital Marketing Service Agency, you can start using it to reach new audiences and grow your business. This blog post will explore some basics for using Snapchat for marketing purposes. Read on to learn more!

Table of Contents:
1. How Is Snapchat Used For Marketing?By understanding how the app works and developing a clear Snapchat marketing strategy, Snapchat can easily be used for marketing.
2, Is Marketing On Snapchat Worth It?Yes, marketing on Snapchat is worth it if you are willing to go with an out-of-the-box mentality.
3. Pros And Cons Of Using Snapchat For Marketing:This section weighs the pros and cons of marketing on Snapchat, including brand authenticity, competition, algorithm, visibility, targeting, cost, and traffic.
4. Setting Up Your Snapchat Ads:
a. Create A Custom Snapcode:Snapcodes are QR codes for brands to connect with their audience.
b. Use Snapchat Memories:Utilize the Snapchat Memories feature to build an authentic relationship with your customers.
c. Advertise Off-Snapchat:Advertising off-Snapchat will help drive traffic to your new Snapchat business account.
d, Use Snapchat Ads Manager:Utilize Snapchat Ads Manager to get the optimum results for all your campaigns and maintain them through analytics.
e. Get On The Snapchat Discover Page:Snapchat’s Discover page will help increase your brand visibility.
5. Snapchat Ad Specifications:Follow all the ad specs established by Snapchat to ensure the platform’s restrictions do not hinder your ad.
6. Types Of Content On Snapchat:Make your content engaging by using the variety of content formats on Snapchat.
7. Why Is Snapchat A Great Marketing Tool?Snapchat is an effective marketing tool for all businesses and brands to use.

How Is Snapchat Used For Marketing?

Snapchat used to be a place for teens and young adults, so marketers avoided it because they couldn’t understand why anyone would want their content disappearing after just one viewing. However, Snapchat has grown in popularity over the past few years, with businesses pondering on how to use Snapchat as a marketing tool. Now, it is used by people of all ages, from college students to grandparents!

One of the most popular social media apps on mobile devices is Snapchat and building a brand presence on it is an investment that pays off for many businesses, especially when Snapchat influencer marketing is concerned. The app’s followers want authentic content they can’t find anywhere else. You should post unpolished versions of your company to connect with your target audience, including behind-the-scenes looks into your company’s day-to-day business strategy and operations.

With its growing popularity, you will need to understand how the app works and develop a clear Snapchat marketing strategy accordingly if you want to succeed. To help you understand how to use Snapchat for network marketing, we had our team of Paid Ads Marketing Experts develop a clear Snapchat marketing guide that you can use to run effective Snapchat marketing campaigns.

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Is Marketing On Snapchat Worth It?

Is Marketing On Snapchat Worth It?

Marketing your business on Snapchat doesn’t work the same for every business. If you’re not sure about the medium or don’t have a strategy, we recommend you think again before signing up. However, if you have a grasp on the basics, then marketing via Snapchat can prove truly worth the effort!

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Pros And Cons Of Using Snapchat For Marketing:

    1. Authenticity:Snapchat as a social media platform is raw, full of personality, and unapologetically unique in its approach to branding messages with an interactive element for audiences that want brands to be authentic. Therefore, if your business is set on maintaining a professional image and not thinking out of the box, our Paid Advertising Specialists advise against using Snapchat as a marketing tool.
      However, if you don’t mind getting down and dirty on the fun in your company, then you’ll attract a following on Snapchat. Don’t believe us? Just ask any Snapchat influencers marketing their products or content on the platform!
    2. CompetitionSince Snapchat is tough to master when it comes to business, there is not that much competition on it compared to other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The lack of competition and the ability to help your stories stand out through influencer marketing makes it easier.

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    3. Algorithm:Your posts are less likely to be lost in a sea of other content because there isn’t an algorithm hiding them. If someone adds your business as their friend, they can easily see all updates and stories posted on your business Snapchat account.
    4. Visibility:Brands that use paid advertising on Snapchat also enjoy the perks of high visibility to their target audience.
    5. Targeting:Devising a clear Snapchat marketing strategy to run a paid ads campaign also enables businesses to hyper-target their audience with any specificity in mind, whether it be geographical location, gender, or even personal preferences.
    6. Cost:Due to being a platform low in competition, Snapchat ads cost significantly less than paid ads on other social media platforms.
    7. Traffic:Lastly, any ads or links on social media that might drive traffic away from your content are significantly less in number on Snapchat when compared to other social media platforms.

Setting Up Your Snapchat Ads:

Setting Up Your Snapchat Ads

Now that you are aware of all the pros and cons of using Snapchat for marketing and know whether or not Snapchat marketing coincides with your business goal. If you want to create a truly memorable brand, then it’s time for your company to get on board with Snapchat.

Since there is no difference between a personal account and a business account on the app, excluding the fact that you can only run paid advertising on Snapchat with a business account, our Paid Ads Marketing Experts recommend using a personal account to get the handle on things and getting all the kinks sorted before creating a business account for your brand.

As an accomplished PPC Marketing Agency, our Performance Marketing Experts have drafted easy-to-follow Snapchat marketing tips below:

Snapchat minimum ad spend, PPC marketing strategy agency

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    • Create A Custom Snapcode:

      To create a custom Snapcode for your business account, go to “Settings” by clicking on the Snapchat ghost icon and the gear icon in the top right corner. Now all you have to do is enter the URL for your business site, upload a picture relevant to your brand, and resize it to fit. This Snapcode is similar to QR codes and can be shared with audiences through digital or printed media communication. A reputable Snapchat ads agency knows how to utilize all of the features provided on the platform to their advantage, especially the Snapcode.

    • Use Snapchat Memories:

      Memories can be your competitive advantage in Snapchat marketing. The app is great for creating Stories and videos that are uniquely yours, but you’ll need some extra content to make sure people take notice of all those memories. Use events by collecting media like pictures and videos, then put them into one cohesive story later on – this way, everyone has something worth watching.

      You can also use your saved Snapchat and Story memories to remind people about events or moments in time that are important for business. This could include showing off employees’ accomplishments at their 5th anniversary, highlighting some of the best shots from last year’s conference, which drives ticket sales back into this event, or even reintroducing an old product with new features!

    • Advertise Off-Snapchat:

      Advertise Off-Snapchat

      Use the power of your other social media networks and digital marketing channels to grow an audience for you. Simply grab the previously created custom Snapcode, then create an easy-to-share graphic. You can now share this image on your social networks, but only when it feels natural. You don’t want to be annoying or spamming in an obvious way lest you risk getting them upset.

      You can also get the word out there about your Snapchat official accounts using other marketing channels like email lists or writing a blog post on your business site. If you are affiliated with a Snapchat marketing agency, then you can leave all the off-Snapchat advertisements to their team of experts.

      An exceptional example of this is the Snapchat marketing campaign run by Pepsi with the tag #PepsiSummer, which took a prize approach to get people to follow their Snapchat account.

    • Use Snapchat Ads Manager:

      Snapchat Ads Manager is the one-stop shop for all of your ad needs. With this self-serve tool, you can create and manage campaigns with ease while handling payments yourself or inviting other team members on board.

      Advertising through the Snapchat Ads Manager is an excellent way to reach your target audience and measure the success of each campaign. A business account will allow you to create ads, develop audiences based on interests or segments that match what’s relevant to them personally, then track how many people engage with your content through Snap Pixel.

      However, to ensure you can utilize the Snapchat Ads Manager to its fullest, employ the help of a PPC marketing agency USA for their services of paid advertising on Snapchat.

    • Get On The Snapchat Discover Page:

      Snapchat has taken the world by storm! Now, it appears that new features are being added almost every day. Take Cosmopolitan and Buzzfeed as Snapchat ads examples; they’ve got awesome Discover channels on Snapchat; Cosmopolitan’s channel reaches 19 million people monthly. Not to mention that over 21% percent of Buzzfeed’s total traffic comes from Snapchat.

      To be successful at employing these Snapchat marketing tips, you need to be able to get on the Discover page for maximum visibility and customer outreach. For this, we recommend contacting a Snapchat marketing agency for their services.

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Snapchat Ad Specifications:

Use these Snapchat ads specs guide for Snapchat ad dimensions, Snapchat ad size, Snapchat ad benchmarks, and character limits.

Aspect ratio: 9:16.
Attachments: Website/ long-form video/AR Lens.
Brand Name: 25 characters with spaces.
File type: .mp4/.mov.
Headline: 34 characters with spaces.
Length: 3-180 seconds.
Resolution: 1080px✖1920px.

These specs can be applied to the following ad types based on functionality:

    • Snapchat Commercial Ads:
    • Snapchat Dynamic Ads:
    • Snapchat Game Ads:
    • Snapchat Sponsored Ads:
    • Snapchat Ads Coupon:

Types Of Content On Snapchat:

According to Snapchat ads best practices, you must be aware of the types of content on Snapchat that get the most engagement from all users. As a Digital Marketing Service Agency with decades of experience, we recommend following the Snapchat ads best practices mentioned above while following these blueprint for type:

    • BTS/Behind-The-Scenes on Snapchat
    • How-to videos on Snapchat
    • Interviews with senior team leads on Snapchat
    • Snapchat account takeovers
    • Snapchat commentary on the news
    • Snapchat game ads
    • Snapchat interactive projects
    • User-generated Snapchat campaigns

Why Is Snapchat A Great Marketing Tool?

Why Is Snapchat A Great Marketing Tool?

Snapchat is a great marketing tool because it provides an authentic and personal way to connect with customers. It offers a distinctive and amusing way to connect with customers, and its ad platform is powerful and versatile.

If you’re looking to add Snapchat to your digital marketing mix, our team can help. We have years of experience using Snapchat for business, and we know how to create ads that get results.

Contact our Digital Marketing Service Agency today to learn more about how Snapchat can help grow your business!