Retargeting Ads Strategies For Effective Campaigns

Have you ever wondered how some businesses always seem to have ads following you around the internet, no matter where you go? That’s retargeting, and it’s a highly effective marketing technique provided by
Performance Marketing Services that can help improve your brand awareness and conversions. But what exactly is retargeting, and what are the different types of retargeting ads? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this powerful marketing tool.

Executive Summary:

Types of Retargeting Ads:
1. Buyer Persona Retargeting Ads:This type of retargeting is focused entirely on the buyer and what type of buyer might respond to what type of ads.
2. Contextual Retargeting Ads:This type of retargeting allows you to show your products to customers who are already interested in them.
3. Email Retargeting Ads:Utilizing an email marketing campaign to retarget your customers is a great way to promote brand loyalty.
4. Engagement Retargeting Ads:Creating effective marketing funnels to boost customer engagement and retention.
5. List-Based Retargeting Ads:This type of segmentation-heavy retargeting technique allows you to engage your customers with the content they respond well to.
6. Pixel-Based/Site Retargeting Ads:It uses pixels/cookies to retargeting your customers that have already visited your site.
7. Search Retargeting Ads:It retains new customers that have yet to visit your site but might be interested in your products according to their search history.
8. SEO/SEM Retargeting Ads:This type of retargeting focuses on content and whether or not it is optimized for search engines.
9. Social Retargeting Ads:This type of retargeting is used for social media platforms, mainly Facebook, due to its highly optimizable advertisement algorithm.

What Are Retargeting Techniques?

What Are Retargeting Techniques?

One of the most important things you can do in online marketing is to make sure your ads are targeted to the right audience. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting a lot of money on ads that no one will ever see.

One way to target your ads more effectively is to use retargeting techniques. Retargeting is a type of online advertising that allows you to show ads to people who have already visited your website or used your app. This means you can continue to market to them even after leaving your site, which can be highly effective in getting them to come back and convert.

This technique is often employed by localized marketing agencies, especially in the case of PPC services in the USA, as the target audience can range from a few thousand to a million due to dense population demographics.

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Types of Retargeting Ads For An Effective Retargeting Campaign:

Types of Retargeting Ads For An Effective Retargeting Campaign

Understanding your target audience is the key to generating leads. Who are the customers? What type of people do they seem to like, and how can a product or service help them with their problems in some way that will make it worth it for them to try out the product for themselves?

Performance Marketing Services tend to use such information to ensure their PPC ads are highly targeted and optimized to retarget the relevant audience demographic for their products and services. Here are some Types of Retargeting Ads that are often used for an effective Retargeting Campaign:

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    • Buyer Persona Retargeting Ads

      Buyer Persona Retargeting Ads
      A buyer persona is a strategy that allows you to target your ideal customer and maximize ROI. By creating personas, companies can achieve an increased conversion rate because they are more specific in their audience than just ‘qualified prospects’ or even potential buyers who might not have the money right now; instead, these marketing strategies only appeal to certain types of people with distinct preferences.

    • Contextual Retargeting Ads

      Retargeting is a great way to attract new prospects. It can be used for other purposes besides increasing engagement with your current user base. The power of contextual retargeting is that you can design display campaigns based on your users’ interests. This allows for a tailored experience and increased loyalty to products/services! Contextual retargeting is a great way to get your Goal specific ads out there. These can be anything from holiday deals to special events you want your customers to participate in. 

    • Email Retargeting Ads

      Email Retargeting Ads
      The internet may have killed physical mail, but emails are still thriving, with billions of emails being sent every day, around the world! Retargeting Email Marketing Campaigns are a great way to get in touch with your customers and make sure they’re interested. You can use their data, like what device or platform they use most often for shopping online, then send targeted messages that are specialized optimized for them!

    • Engagement Retargeting Ads

      Retargeting is a great way to engage your previous site users or like-minded web searchers with high-quality content that will keep them on the page. You can offer an interactive game or helpful tools for productivity increases to ensure you’re not losing any potential customers!A great way to successfully retarget for engagement increase is by creating Sales stage funnels. These funnels need to be fully optimized for conversion rate while retargeting the people who have left your website.

      For Example:

      “Creating a marketing funnel is an effective way to retain customers and retarget your ads. A good example of this is the retargeting campaign our team at Out Origin ran for Brass Unicorn by creating an effective funnel that reduced CPL, increased scalability, and utilized recycled customer journeys with proper testing methods. It also helped convert more quality leads into customers, created a proper prospecting framework with the help of CBO, and used hyper-segmentation as a technique for separating users into groups for more effective retargeting.”

    • List-Based Retargeting Ads

      Retargeting gives you the ability to reach out and engage with your customer base. You can use lists of people who have already shown interest in what they’re seeing on any website, whether a blog post or an ad banner – by implementing list-based retargeting campaigns, we’ll make sure these potential customers see our ads no matter where they go!You can start list-based retargeting by uploading your email contacts to the platform of choice. Once you’ve done that, it’s time for some ads! You’ll be able to convince people who showed interest in an offer last time around with personalized messages sent right out from their inboxes – so don’t forget about those potential customers, or they might go elsewhere.

    • Pixel Based/Site Based Retargeting Ads

      Pixel Based/Site Based Retargeting Ads
      Site retargeting is one of the most popular and influential ways to remind people about your product as they’re browsing online. You place a piece of code on each website, usually in the form of pixels that are sent when someone visits your page, which makes cookies dropped into their browser – these will show up if revisited later!When you place a pixel on your website or post-click landing page, it will drop an anonymous cookie whenever someone visits. This makes the visitor’s browser trackable by advertisers who can then retarget them with personalized ads!When the users leave your site, it sends information about their visit back to where they came from. Retargeting ads allow you to show your customers a personalized, relevant message that will encourage them to take action on whatever product or service it is they’re interested in.The pixel-based retargeting guarantees this by retargeting people who’ve either looked through your website or clicked through after landing pages. Another advantage with this form of advertising is that it starts instantaneously–visitors can immediately begin seeing targeted advertisements convincing them back into buying what’s being offered!

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    • Search Retargeting Ads

      With Search Retargeting, you can engage the users who have not yet visited your site but might be interested in your products. It is a fantastic way to engage those who have not yet visited your site but are searching for related products. You can show them personalized ads or even reminders about what you offer!To convert visitors into customers, many brands tend to offer a percentage of discount on products, and it helps bring up customer acquisition rates and boosts customer loyalty.

      For Example:
      “A good example of this was when we, here at Out Origin, helped our client Pure NSM retarget their ads, resulting in an instant conversion boost.”
      Search Retargeting Ads

    • SEO/SEM Retargeting Ads

      You may be wondering why this is important. After all, visitors to your site seem like they should know how it works already! But SEO retargeting can help you understand what users are looking for on the internet and give them more relevant content.

    • Social Retargeting Ads

      Social Retargeting Ads
      The industry is still figuring out how to best use this highly underused yet effective advertising strategy. Early social retargeting just looked at users’ interactions in their networks, but now it’s paying attention as they read new forms of content such as blog posts or photos on Instagram–allowing you the opportunity for tailored ads that will appeal specifically according to what people like about your brand!
      Nowadays, many brands are looking into how they can retarget Facebook ads of their products and which type of retargeted ads give the best results

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Retargeting Audience Types:

Retargeting Audience Types

The beauty of audience targeting is that you can tailor your ads to the specific person or group who has visited a website. You may be wondering how this works, particularly with PPC? Well, it’s all about understanding and segmenting an audience’s data in order for them to be retargeted more efficiently!

A digital marketing agency that provides a PPC management service from a team of experienced PPC professionals knows how to use audience types to their advantage. They know that marketing does not end with the people that have left your website. So in order to retain and retarget as many customer types as possible, here are the top retargeting audience types:

  • Visited Last:
    1. Visited last 1 day:
      Audience who have visited the last 1 day. These are easier to retain.
    2. Visited last 7 days:
      Audience who have visited the last 7 days. These require a little effort to retain.
    3. Visited last 14 days:
      Audience who have visited the last 14 days. As it has been a considerable time since they visited your site, there is a high chance that they have forgotten all about it and would make extra efforts to retain it.
    4. Visited last 30 days:
      These users will likely not return unless you have made a solid impression on them.
  • Conversions:
    1. Conversion = 1
      Audience who have visited your site and converted.
    2. Conversion = 0
      Audience who have visited your website but haven’t converted into leads.
  • Past Purchasers:

    Audience who have purchased from your website but haven’t purchased anything recently.

  • Visitor Type:
    1. New Visitor:
      Audience who are new to your website.
    2. Returning Visitor:
      Audiences who are visiting your website more than once.
    3. Visited >3x:
      Audiences who have visited your website more than 3 times.
  • Page Depth:
    1. Page Depth >1:
      Audiences who have visited 1 or more pages during a session.
    2. Page Depth >5:
      Audiences who have visited more than 5 pages during a session.
    3. Page Depth >10:
      Audiences who have visited more than 10 pages during a session.
    4. Page Depth >20:
      Audiences who have visited more than 20 pages during a session.
  • Visit Time:
    1. Visited >1m:
      Audiences who have visited your website for a minute or more.
    2. Visited >10m:
      Audiences who have visited your website for more than 10 minutes at a time.
    3. Visited >60m:
      Audiences who have visited your website and spent upwards of an hour on it.



Retargeting is a powerful tool that can help you reach out to past customers and encourage them to return and make a purchase. By using the right type of retargeting ad for your audience, you can see impressive results in terms of ROI. Our team of PPC experts specializes in helping businesses harness the power of retargeting to drive sales and increase revenue.

If you’re interested in learning more about how retargeting can benefit your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to discuss our Performance Marketing Services with you and answer any questions. Thanks for reading!