Ever since CMS were introduced, there has been the age old question which CMS is the best for your website? Some would argue WordPress is the ideal CMS to build your website, others would counter with the benefits of a Shopify website . Chances are you are reading this blog for the exact same reason, to learn more about which CMS should you build your website on, which platform has the most features or easy to use.


WordPress, Magento, and Shopify are the most popular website development tools. Everyone has different opinions about each development tool. Wondering which one of these is the best tool? Well, the answer is not that simple. It all depends on the requirements of the user. Shopify and WordPress satisfy the needs of most users. However, Magento offers more customization than either of these platforms. Every service has different strengths and weaknesses. Read the information below to find out what suits you best!


Why WordPress Is The Better CMS For Your Website

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems. Therefore, many types of websites use WordPress plugins and extensions. PHP and MySQL are essential elements of the platform. It is also a free-to-use program which makes it more accessible. The easy-to-use interface allows everyone to incorporate plugins into the website. You can do most of the things on WordPress without any assistance. Therefore, the general public loves using WordPress. Web developers do not like it as much as others. It offers many options, but it lacks a degree of customization. So, WordPress is like a DIY solution for content management. Professionals however have more knowledge and they like using other tools. If you go to any web development agency, they would likely use something other than WordPress.


WordPress is an open-source platform. There is no need to purchase the license for the program. If you cannot afford paid software, it is the perfect solution. Several start-up organizations and individuals use WordPress because it is free. High accessibility is another good advantage of this platform.

WordPress is a cost-effective solution for SMEs. A small web development agency often lacks the funds to buy expensive software or services. They use this platform to provide websites to their clients. So, they design a website without spending any money on licensing. It helps start-up organizations cut their expenses. Anyone can use this platform to create a website with no licensing costs.

WordPress supports many SEO plugins. Website development services have to use several plugins to maximize website performance. It also helps them to incorporate SEO activities in website development. The merger of these two fields increases the efficiency of SEO.

Developers and programmers love sharing the open-source code of WordPress. It opens new doors to innovation. People use the free code to improve the platform. They also create new plugins and extensions. So, WordPress CMS promotes innovation and free software.

WordPress is much easier to use than other content management systems. You do not need to be a website developer to use the program. It empowers people to create websites without the help of anyone else. Thus, such software proves that hiring web developers is not always necessary.


WordPress is open source and lacks security. Hackers manipulate the platform without any issues. Using WordPress for your website leaves an open door for hackers.

Building a website for your business is not an easy task on WordPress. Developers have to use many different plugins to provide eCommerce functionality to the website. Therefore, this platform is not suitable for building eCommerce websites. The loading speed of WordPress is also slower than other programs.

WordPress has fixed templates. It does not allow users to change different areas within one template. Designers and developers cannot use creative designs due to this issue. The plugins also only provide limited functionality and there is not enough room for customization.

What Makes it Better Than Magento and Shopify

Why WordPress Is Better Than Shopify Or Magento

WordPress is free to use, while Shopify is a paid software. The open-source software also allows others to further tinker with the code. An active community takes advantage of this fact. They improve plugins with changes in the code.

Magneto is also free, but users often find the free features insufficient. WordPress also has a paid program. Yet, the free version is also enough for amateur developers and DIYers. So, WordPress empowers casual internet users and makes it easy to create websites.

What Makes it Worse Than Magento and Shopify

Limited customization makes WordPress worse than Magento and Shopify. The plugins do not offer high functionality to the website. It prevents the developers from adding complex features to the website.

Shopify offers more security than WordPress. Magneto also lacks web security, but it is still more secure than WordPress. Insufficient web security is not acceptable for high-profile clients. Therefore, any web app development company avoids using WordPress. They want to provide a stable and secure platform to their clients.

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Is Shopify The Best CMS For Your Business

Shopify is an eCommerce service. It is a platform that allows you to build a store from scratch. Anyone can go on the website and create an account in a few minutes. In many ways, it is easier than WordPress. However it is a paid service, and there is no free version. You can design your store without the help of any web developer. Sell anything you want on the platform. It empowers business owners to expand into cyberspace. Startup online businesses or digital traders love using Shopify. It is the perfect solution for their eCommerce needs. In addition to that, there are more than a hundred designs for different stores. Shopify makes it easy to establish an online store with the ever-growing Shopify Audience in the market it makes it that much better!


Shopify has the most user-friendly graphical user interface. Even the most uninformed internet user can create a website on Shopify. Any web app development company would require only a few hours to make a complete store. Another advantage of Shopify is that it is a hosted website. You only need to create an account. After that, you can start designing the website. There is no need to purchase a domain.

Building a payment system is the biggest hassle of any eCommerce platform. Shopify also has a built-in payment system. It offers PayPal integration to users. So, there is no need for any external payment plugins. Sellers can have an optimized website with minimal effort. Therefore, Shopify makes everything easier for online sellers.

There are many third-party apps available for Shopify. Users can use these plugins to increase the functionality of the platform. The service also offers many excellent points of sale options.


Not all eCommerce sellers have the budget to purchase services from Shopify. The service costs $29-299 per month, depending on different subscription packages.

Shopify has no email-hosting feature. Sellers cannot expand their business through emails. It is only a slight problem, but it decreases the attractiveness of the service.

Shopify charges money on an external payment gateway. If users move away from the PayPal gateway, they need to pay transaction fees. In many countries, PayPal is not available. Sellers in these countries have to incur an additional expense because they cannot use PayPal.

Platform migration is a painstakingly complex process on Shopify. In addition to that, customization is another severe issue. These problems make things a bit difficult for users so everyone must consider these issues before moving on to Shopify. It is not the best choice for eCommerce sellers, but most sellers enjoy using it.

What Makes it Better than WordPress and Magento

What Makes Shopify Better Than WordPress & Magento

Shopify requires no web hosting. Sellers only need to pay the subscription amount to the website. After that, they can focus on optimizing their store. Magento and WordPress are not as easy as Shopify. First, developers have to use several plugins to create a website. After that, they need to integrate the payment system into the platform. Shopify provides all these services without any additional charges.

Shopify provides 24/7 customer support. If web developers are struggling with any element, they contact the support. Magento and WordPress have user-run forums. Therefore, website development services prefer using Shopify. Its instantaneous support helps to resolve problems in a short period. Quick response and customer service make Shopify better than WordPress and Magento.

What Makes it Worse than WordPress and Magento

WordPress and Magento both have a free version for users. A website development agency with fewer resources always uses a free platform. Shopify scares away many potential users with its pricing strategy. However, they feel that the fee is worth the web development services. This discussion is pointless for the people who do not have the means to pay charges. Therefore, developers with an insufficient budget do not even think about using Shopify.

Shopify offers a lot of customization, but it is not always easy to change the templates. The platform only provides built-in support for PayPal. It charges extra fees for the integration of other payment gateways. Sellers must pay a premium on transactions. So, there are many expenses on Shopify. WordPress and Magento are free, but developers need to pay for website hosting. Although, the amount is smaller than the services of Shopify.

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Is Magento The Best CMS

Magento now known as Adobe E-Commerce is a free-to-use website development tool. As of now, Magento 2 has replaced Magento 1. It offers more features, but it is not easy to use. Only a website development agency is capable of handling the software. Magento is also less popular than WordPress and Shopify. However, there are also several advantages of the software. Mostly large medium enterprises use the platform for website development. Casual users cannot enjoy the benefits of this tool. So, it is a more suitable tool for professionals.


Magento offers a lot of flexibility to website developers. Professionals can also design websites however they want without any limitations. The high customization attracts sellers who want to create unique stores. So, unlike other platforms, it helps everyone design a novel website.

Large international companies do not need to save money on website development. They hire the best website development agency. Professional developers spend a long time creating a gem of a website. Therefore, WordPress and Shopify are only helpful in creating generic websites.


Magento is a professional website development tool. It is not designed for casual users. Professionals who know coding can use it to build websites. Therefore, it is only accessible to professionals.

Installing Magento is a hassle, even for experienced users. It is a complex process, and newbies definitely should stay away from this tool.

What Makes it Better Than Shopify and WordPress

The customization capabilities make it better than Shopify and WordPress. Magento is the best web development option if funds and expertise are available. An expert web development agency would always choose Magento over other options.

What Makes it Worse than Shopify and WordPress

Adobe Ecommerce FKA Magento CMS

The software is free to use, but it is still costly. First, sellers need to employ web development experts. After that, they need to pay hosting fees. In the long run, this platform costs a significant amount of capital. The unavailability of expertise or coders makes the tool useless. A web app development company without experienced employees cannot take advantage of Magento. Therefore, only skilled developers provide satisfactory results with Magento.

So Which CMS Is The Best

Which CMS Is The Best For You

Over the years, website development has become a lot easier than before. Tools such as WordPress make it easy for everyone to get into web development. On the other hand, Shopify is a service that empowers sellers. No external help is required to set up a store on Shopify. Magento is different from both of these tools and services. It is a free to use tool that is suitable for experienced programmers.