The thought of building a website can seem daunting, but with the right design and web development software, it becomes simple. If you’re searching for some good web development tools, there are plenty of options to choose from. However, if you want easy-to-use something without sacrificing features, try one of these platforms we have listed below.

We understand your time is valuable, and that’s why we have narrowed the list down to just 5. The best thing about these options? They’re either accessible or affordable. You can also use them if you are a newbie to development. Moreover, they have easy-to-follow tutorials for beginners on how to create/edit web pages.


The WordPress platform is an open-source application that offers a full suite of tools for building websites. It was developed in PHP and supported creating your site on a server using the PHP and MySQL database. As one of the best web development platforms, there are many features to explore, including the WYSIWYG text editor, co-authoring by multiple authors, and permalinks optimized for search engines, allowing users to create commercial sites using this software. You can also add plugins from third-party developers if you need more functionality or have limited knowledge about programming languages like HTML5/CSS3.


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Wix is an affordable, easy-to-use website builder that provides as many options to create a site. It may offer templates for those looking to start blogging or selling items online using drag and drop features. Wix also offers a free ad-sponsored plan with hundreds of pre-built layouts. However, users should note that paid plans do not include ads from the company’s own marketing partners. These will cost $13 per month plus any additional fees depending on your chosen hosting package offered by another company such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).


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Bootstrap is a free, open-source CSS framework created by Twitter and designed for front-end web developers. It’s easy to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make beautiful websites responsive on any device. Bootstrap has many features like templates of forms with custom components; frameworks such as navbars are built-in default bootstraps components without customization needed. Moreover, it also provides multiple support options to find help when designing your website or application, complete with videos, tutorials and articles about the latest trends.


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GitHub is the world’s leading software development platform. It connects over 40 million developers worldwide and provides inspiration for them to find high-quality solutions. GitHub also offers code review, project management, bug tracking services that are essential for every project. With more than 6 million hosted Git repositories, it has become a go-to place where like-minded people can share knowledge with each other by connecting on an unprecedented scale of global collaboration.


AngularJS is a JavaScript library that can be added to HTML pages via the <script> tag. Its useful features include:

  • MVC (model, view, and controller).
  • Modularity.
  • Automated two-way data binding with semantic tagging for quick programming.

Angular also has dependency injection, which allows you to smoothly change one piece of code while keeping others intact without worrying about breaking your app or website down in the process.


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MySQL is one of the most popular RDBMSs to date for web applications. It has excellent performance and stability and small download size, making it easy to install and maintain. What really sets MySQL apart from other databases are its diverse APIs that allow developers to use whatever language they prefer, whether it’s Java, PHPScript, Python Script. The software’s popularity can be attributed to its convenience as a free, open-source alternative database management system. Also, there is no need for third-party licensing costs.

Final Thoughts.  

To put together this web development tools list, we did some research to guarantee their usefulness. The result is based on ease-of-use, supported languages, cost, and how easy the tools upload the finished project once completed. But if you want to create a website from scratch, Out Origin can help you with the best Web development tools. Contact us now for a free quote.

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