Are you frustrated with the traditional marketing strategies for your business? Have you been searching for a new platform to help drive more conversions and increase brand awareness? Reddit Advertising might be the answer.

With an explosive user base of over 430 million monthly active users, Reddit is a powerful advertising platform that provides businesses with an excellent potential audience. But how do you know you’re using it effectively?

We will explore how to use Reddit keyword targeting to maximize your ROI. We’ll discuss why keyword-based targeting can be effective and the steps to set up these campaigns. Let’s dive in!

Why Choose Reddit As An Advertisement Platform?

Why Choose Reddit As An Advertisement Platform?

Reddit is so different from other social media platforms because many users are exclusive to the site. Up to 74% of Redditors are not available on Snapchat. Meanwhile, 58% of this active community is not found on TikTok.

Advertisers can harness this uniqueness and target a specific audience that is not accessible through other social channels. A dedicated Reddit marketing agency should not overlook these percentages: 59% not on Twitter, 45% not on Instagram, and 30% not on Facebook.

Community Advertisements

Since users join Reddit to engage with like-minded individuals and share their interests, it’s a place where conversation and community thrive. Reddit is growing in popularity, with 30% user growth yearly. It’s no wonder Reddit is now one of the top five most-used sites in the U.S.

Influence In Making Purchase Decisions

Reddit users are not only passionate but also influential. They trust the opinions of fellow Redditors and use the platform to make informed purchase decisions with four times as many research sessions as on other social media platforms. After conducting such detailed research, Redditors make purchase decisions nine times faster and are likelier to spend 15% more.

Active Advocacy Of Products/Services

Redditors are also active advocates. After purchasing a product, they are 13% more likely to speak positively about a brand, spreading the word to other like-minded individuals.

Perfect For Longterm Marketing Strategies

Furthermore, Reddit’s high mobile penetration (69% of users browse on mobile) and long engagement times (24 minutes a day on average) make it an excellent platform for long-term marketing strategies.

Overall, Reddit is a highly effective platform for businesses to reach passionate and influential audiences and drive both action and advocacy.

What is Keyword Targeting?

What is Keyword Targeting?

As of 2023, advertisers can now access Keyword Targeting in beta on Reddit ads. This exciting feature allows businesses advertising on Reddit to connect with audiences right in the heart of the conversations they’re already involved in. With over 52 million daily active users, Reddit’s 130k+ communities offer unparalleled engagement.

Ads on the platform have always been personalized based on the user’s interests, but now with keyword targeting, you can capitalize on what your audience is talking about in real-time. Grab their attention with ads that are relevant and in the moment using contextual targeting on Reddit.

Reddit’s Keyword Targeting delivers promising results compared to other platforms’ campaigns. The data shows a 25% higher click-through rate when utilizing the same creative with similar targeting.

You can refine your ads with location, device, and brand safety filters to ensure you’re reaching your desired audience. With Reddit’s Keyword Targeting, you can maximize your campaign’s effectiveness and get the results you’re looking for.

Types of Reddit Ads

Types of Reddit Ads

Reddit has powerful promotional opportunities with its in-feed posts that blend seamlessly with organic content. These help you effortlessly connect with your target audience through the versatile selection of Reddit advertising text, image, video, and carousel formats. You can leverage the immense reach of the platform to promote your brand and meet your marketing goals effectively.

Promoted Text Posts

Promoted Text Posts are cost-effective for promoting your brand, advertising products, and spreading brand awareness.

As Reddit’s original ad format, Promoted Text Posts allow your ad to be upvoted or downvoted by users and even include the option for comments in the thread. Plus, you can choose to enable or disable comments at your discretion. These ads are available on desktop and mobile, providing plenty of opportunities to reach your target audience.

The anatomy of a Promoted Text Post consists of a headline or post title that can have up to 100 characters on mobile and 250 on desktop. You can also include a posted copy with a generous limit of 40,000 characters.

Promoted Image Posts

Promoted posts come in three types: text-based, video-based and image-based. Each has unique features to help brands better market their products or services. Brands can include 300 characters in the headline with a text-based promoted post,

On the other hand, image-based promoted posts come with various options. Brands can add a card image of up to 1200×628 pixels and a thumbnail of 400×300 pixels. There’s space for a call-to-action, destination URL and display URL.

All these features make image-based promoted posts an effective marketing tool for brands to get their message across with more impact and clarity.

Promoted Videos

Reddit-promoted videos hold immense potential. With all the same features as promoted posts plus added benefits, brands can upload auto-play videos in multiple aspect ratios with optional CTAs. Plus, brands can choose between CPM or CPV bid models for even greater flexibility.

But the best part? Promoted videos on Reddit lead to a 3.3X higher brand awareness and is the platform’s primary ad unit. To ensure the best results, follow these creative best practices: use .mp4 or .mov files with a 1 GB size maximum and keep your video between 0:05 to 0:30 seconds.

Promoted Carousels

A Promoted Carousel is the latest addition to Reddit’s Promoted Post lineup. This cutting-edge format shares similarity with carousel ad types on other social media platforms. However, Promoted Carousels stand out because they seamlessly integrate with the standard elements of Reddit posts, making them look native and in-feed.

What’s more, Promoted Carousels are jam-packed with features that give brands greater control over their campaigns. Like Promoted Videos, they offer multiple bid options, destination URLs, and display URLs. But the cherry on top is the ability to upload 2-6 images or gif cards, allowing your brand to showcase products and services like never before.

Reddit Advertising Best Practices

Reddit Advertising Best Practices

Unlock your advertising potential on Reddit with just an email address and credit card. Creating campaigns and ads on Reddit is a breeze thanks to an intuitive campaign structure. With a straightforward setup of Campaign, Ad Group, and Ad, like on most social media platforms, your efforts will be streamlined and effective.

Research First, Act Later

Before advertising on Reddit, conducting proper research on subReddits is crucial. Avoid randomly selecting subReddits based on assumptions alone. As a reputable Reddit marketing firm, we know it’s best to look closer at the language, tone, and common opinions shared within a subReddit to determine if it fits your ad or product appropriately.

Moreover, examining the content featured in a subReddit can help you create tailored advertisements that resonate with their users. With thorough research, you’ll be well-equipped to target the right audiences and produce effective results.

Utilize Ad Group Targeting

Regarding Reddit ad targeting, you can leverage three primary audience types: Interests, Communities, and Custom Audiences.

Interest Targeting

With Interest targeting, you can tap into the audience’s interests based on their content consumption behavior, though this option is broader than other channels. The Interest targeting feature includes approximately 15 interest groups and countless subgroups, including topics like Art & Design, Sports, and Travel. Compared to Meta, it offers a more comprehensive range of options.

Community Targeting

Community targeting centers on Redditors who have interacted with or subscribed to specific subReddits, allowing you to narrow your audience to highly niche and particular  segments.

Custom Audiences

Custom Audience targeting uses first-party behavioral data to show ads to particular audiences based on email lists, engagement retargeting, and website retargeting. While age and gender targeting are unavailable on Reddit, geographical targeting can still be leveraged to reach your desired audience.

Be Patient

If you’re jumping into Reddit advertising for the first time, it’s important to resist the urge to run quick tests. Instead, give your campaign room to breathe and gather insights by setting a longer duration. Reddit recommends a minimum of 12 weeks, while we suggest aiming for at least four.

Allocate the Ad Budget Carefully

Budgets for Reddit ads can be allocated on a lifetime or daily basis, giving you flexibility in your advertising spend. And while Reddit doesn’t use an automatic bidding algorithm like other social platforms, it’s not as intimidating as it might seem.

Set your maximum CPM, CPC, or CPV based on your objectives to get started. Not sure where to start? No problem. Reddit offers recommendations based on your target audience.

Create Compelling Ads That Suit Reddit’s Platform

Simply replicating your Instagram or Meta ad copy on Reddit is not enough. Either platform may allow you to feature headlines, images, and descriptions, but the best practices for each vary greatly.

To be successful on Reddit, you need a catchy, interactive headline that stands out from those on Facebook. For this, you may need to develop new and creative ideas.

Use Reddit Advertising Placements For Better CTR

Reddit offers two prime ad placements on its website:

  1. The Feed placement allows your ads to reach a larger audience by appearing on users’ “Home” feeds, “Popular” feeds, and specific subReddits.
  2. But if you want to take engagement to the next level, Conversations are the way to go. With this targeted placement, your ads will be displayed between the post and the first comment, reaching users already immersed in the conversation.

Make each of your ad dollars count with Reddit’s impressive placement options!


The evidence why Reddit is a great platform for advertisers to consider when creating their marketing strategies is very real.

This might be because advertisements on the platform are community-driven and can wield influence in purchase decisions. Not to mention, the platform’s numerous advertisement types – from text posts, images, videos and carousels, make it an option for many campaigns.

As such, advertisers need to keep Reddit Advertising Best Practices closely in mind if they want their ads to get noticed. Make sure you have enough of an ad budget and take the time to research before implementing any action while also remembering key factors like interest and keyword targeting, along with custom audiences and placements.

Suppose you’d like your next ads campaign to succeed; we recommend seeking help from a qualified Reddit marketing agency and dabbling with Reddit keyword targeting while always keeping those best practices in mind. Good luck!