1. Introduction

One of the most useful platforms designed for e-commerce stores is Shopify, where you can list products, manage payments, and ship the products. It allows you to create and modify an online store to sell your products using web, mobile, in-person, pop-up shops, and social media.

On the other hand, billions of people use YouTube to explore, watch and share videos worldwide. YouTube has quickly become a popular spot for people to view videos or find tutorials on how to do something. It is a platform where people can also advertise to grow their business online. Now imagine combining these two successful platforms to take your marketing goals to a high level. The good news is that YouTube has announced a partnership with Shopify to further accommodate their users and merchants. In this new partnership with Shopify, it has expanded to the world of e-commerce.

YouTube and Shopify Partnership Out Origin

2. Shopify and YouTube Partnership

Shopify has now become a platform for video content creators. You can integrate your online store directly with YouTube and receive all the benefits. The integration of YouTube and Shopify will allow brands to create their own channels on YouTube and sell their products on the platform. This partnership is an excellent use case for brands to get in front of new customers. Brands can now reach out to a more diverse audience with a quick and easy solution. It will also allow YouTube creators to sell their products directly on Shopify’s website. With this new partnership between Shopify and YouTube, merchants and creators now have a powerful way to connect with consumers in an engaging way.

Shopify’s director, Amir Kabbara mentioned that this partnership will help increase conversion rate and the gross merchandise volume for the business. Shopify’s customers and marketers can easily use YouTube content with their platform now. This allows the user to create videos with Shopify’s built-in tools and upload them directly onto YouTube for customers to view. Users will have access to the cool features this integration brings and can take full advantage of it. Read on to find out how the Shopify and YouTube integration works and the benefits it offers.

How Shopify Youtube Integration works Out Origin

  1. 3. How the Integration works

Follow these easy steps to integrate your apps.

  1. a. Authenticate Shopify and YouTube.

b. Pick one of the apps to start off the automation process.

c. Select a resulting action from the other app.

d. Pick the data you want to send from one app to the other and you are done.

Benefits of Youtube and Shopify Integration Out Origin

  1. 4. Benefits of YouTube and Shopify Integration:

a. On-site checkout

One of the best things about this partnership is that you can buy from the Youtube app, without visiting the website. Viewers will be able to discover and purchase from brands while watching videos of their interest. The checkout feature will be available for creators in the US for now and will be expanded to other countries over time. This will help reduce traffic on the website and make it more useful. It will be double the fun and a great shopping experience to share with others.

b. Advertise and sell products

You can display, manage, and sell products from Shopify inventory on YouTube channels and content. You get to decide what, where, and in which order the product will show up to display and promote to viewers. It allows you to include a list of items on a product shelf under on-demand videos, on end screens, and in other places on the app.

-End screens: Items can be added to your end screens and they can be placed at the time and place you prefer in the video.

-Product shelf: There will be up to 30 products in the product shelf below your videos and live streams for the viewers. You can also pause the product shelf for a selected video or for the channel, including the store. You can customize and arrange your products the way you want for your store and videos to fit your needs.

c. Live shopping features

You will have access to live shopping features like co-hosting, tagging, and saving products in a livestream. There is also a picture-in-picture playback feature to allow you to check out products while watching videos to have a convenient shopping experience. You can host live streams, tag products and upload on-demand videos linked to merchandise.

-A “View Products” tab on the bottom left side to show the products you have tagged in your live stream. Users can easily click on the tab to view the list of tagged products for recommendations.

-Pin a product to the top during a live stream to promote it. You are able to easily remove and rearrange products during or after a live stream as well.

-Co-host a live shopping stream by having two creators live at a time. This means two times the fun and more exposure of products of each creator.

Shopping features can be turned off for your channel when you wish to do so.

d. Store tab

When you connect a store, there will be a store tab to display the whole selection of products on the channel. You can organize it the way you like to showcase it on the app. You can provide its URL in comments, descriptions, and posts to link up to your store to make it easily accessible. By clicking the link, viewers can get a preview of the products in the store while watching their videos. When they are ready to purchase an item, they only have to click one more time to visit the store and finish their purchase. It’s that simple and convenient.

e. Automation

The product catalog syncs automatically with the YouTube channel when products are added or removed to Shopify. Any updates that will take place will apply directly to the YouTube store. Viewers can see which items are in stock and ready to deliver while browsing and buying products, which makes it very beneficial. It saves time and helps in exploring products that are available only.

With this partnership, Shopify and Youtube both will benefit by keeping users onsite with a smooth, convenient, shopping experience. It makes it easier for merchants to manage their store on YouTube, drive traffic, and display products straight to the target audience using the useful tools and features mentioned.

Coming up.

An upcoming feature is called “live redirects,” which will allow creators to start a shopping livestream on their channel, and then redirect their viewers to a brand’s channel for followers to continue watching. In addition, YouTube will dedicate a part of the Explore tab to a “shopping destination” to offer shoppable content for viewers in the United States, Brazil, and India. To get a complete picture of multichannel sales, you can also track the performance of live and on-demand videos from your Shopify admin.

5. Conclusion

YouTube is one of the most popular sites in the world, and on the other hand, Shopify has a huge selection of merchants and customers. With the new partnership with Shopify, it’s now even easier for creators to help increase their sales through videos. Trust is key in this relationship, and YouTube has committed to ensuring a seamless experience for both viewers and creators. This is a huge opportunity for brands to build meaningful connections with their audiences and create lasting relationships.

By allowing the viewer to shop directly from YouTube, it makes shopping seamless and easy. I predict that this will help more people give my products and my brand a chance to become part of their everyday life!” – Cassey Ho, creator & Shopify merchant.

Shopping on YouTube is an easy, convenient way for viewers to buy the products they love. The Shopify and YouTube partnership is a great opportunity for businesses to start leveraging the power of video marketing. With Shopify’s easy setup, you can quickly create a channel and start uploading videos. You can improve your visibility, engagement, and sales by using YouTube’s exciting and fun features. So take advantage of the tools and features this integration brings and start your channel now.  Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks!

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