SMS marketing service is one of the most commonly used methods of communication, and businesses are starting to realize its potential for reaching customers. SMS marketing services allow companies to send bulk text messages to their customers. To reach more customers and boost sales, use Klaviyo, an SMS marketing and text messaging software service. The Klaviyo text-to-buy tool offers businesses a lot of flexibility in how they want to use them. Read on to find out more about Klaviyo and the service it provides.

What is Klaviyo Text-to-buy?


Klaviyo is a communications platform that allows you to handle email marketing and SMS marketing simultaneously. It is a service that sends emails and text messages to customers who have opted in to receive them. Customers can choose between email updates or SMS updates for businesses of their interest. Klaviyo also makes it easy to create powerful SMS campaigns allowing companies to add “Buy” buttons within their text messages. As a result, it’s convenient for customers to purchase items from a text message. Klaviyo Text-to-buy is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to easily and quickly create text-based ads that can be used to drive traffic and sales to your website. Klaviyo’s data shows that businesses are capitalizing on text messages to connect with customers, and brands have sent 143% more SMS communication.

Text-to-buy for businesses

Businesses can send a text message to their customers to purchase a product or service. It’s an easy way for brands to send texts regardless of where customers shop. Klaviyo text-to-buy allows businesses to personalize messages and provides tracking options. It is an affordable and essential tool for companies looking to reach their customers via SMS. The owner of Ben Zettler Digital company says, “Do it on Klaviyo. No sense in having two owned marketing channels live in separate places”.

Text-to-buy works for businesses by going through these steps:

  1. Includes the option to pay with a keyword when establishing a new SMS message in a flow or campaign.
  2. The customer receives an SMS message and verifies their order by a text response.
  3. A confirmation message is sent to the customer.
  4. Within the same text conversation, Klaviyo automatically processes the order with Shop Pay.

Text-to-buy for customers

Customers can sign up to receive SMS marketing messages from businesses. When they receive a message, they can respond with the keyword “BUY” to purchase a product. It is a very quick process and allows customers to easily buy products without remembering or typing in a long URL. They will never miss a sale or promotion this way!

These steps need to be followed by customers to use text-to-buy:

  1. Reply with “BUY” to start the order.
  2. Check out with Shop Pay (payment and shipping details are automatically added).
  3. Text “CONFIRM” to complete the order.

When to use Klaviyo text-to-buy

When to use Klaviyo text-to-buy

Use Klaviyo text-to-buy to:

-Fulfill customer needs whenever required.

-Inform consumers in the queue and allow them to purchase directly through text message.

-Showcase your new or best-selling product and convert through text.

-Make it easy for customers to refill a product over text. 

-Highlight sales and offers.

Benefits of Klaviyo text-to-buy

Benefits of Klaviyo text-to-buy

Some of the benefits of using text-to-buy are mentioned below.

  • All-in-one platform

All of the data, personalization tools, templates, and learnings to boost your business are in one place. Klaviyo transforms your data into money with targeted and automated SMS messages encouraging customers to buy products.

  • Increases customer lifetime value

Faster customer contact through SMS will further increase purchases, cart value, and customer loyalty. Strengthen relationships across the client journey by sending product recommendation texts according to their needs. There are many ways to sign people up for texts, whether they are new or existing customers. 

  • Easy to use

It is made for businesses and customers for easy communication and selling/buying products. Send relevant reminder SMS, follow-up, or price drop texts to increase sales. Better customer experience because of its speed, immediacy, and two-way conversations.

  • Makes money on autopilot

Drives more sales faster and automatically does the work to make it hassle-free for you. To increase ROI, behavior-triggered SMS are productively tailored for each buyer. Shop Pay is the # 1 accelerated checkout in the US on Shopify.

  • Built for online businesses

Ready-to-use integrations to sync with your store. Sync your store data and create powerful text marketing campaigns to engage your customers and help drive sales. Easily reach your customers where they are and grow your business.

Tips to motivate customers to join your SMS list

  1. Create a one-of-a-kind offer that only goes to your SMS list.
  2. Offer clients a limited-time deal, such as buy one, get one free (BOGO) for the day on things that need to be cleared out.
  3. Send important information to clients who might be interested in participating in an event.
  4. Present new items or services.

Grow revenue with Klaviyo’s SMS marketing

Here are some tips to follow to increase your revenue with Klaviyo’s SMS marketing.

  • Targeted, personalized text campaigns

Create engaging and personalized messages that reach the people who matter most to your business. You can choose from static lists or dynamic segments to ensure your messages are targeted and relevant. The easy-to-use text editor can include 

emojis, images, and discount codes to make your messages even more engaging. Also, track your campaign performance with clicks, orders, and revenue generated to see the impact of your SMS marketing efforts.

  • Automated text and multi-channel flows

Customize SMS, MMS, and multi-channel flows (email and text) based on the behaviors and preferences of each customer, such as browsing, cart abandonment, order history, order and shipment confirmations, form completions, etc.

  • Robust customer database

Have a powerful customer database that includes each shopper’s full history of interactions with your website, goods, emails, texts, forms, and data from many other integrations to fuel your SMS marketing program. Utilize this information to generate the targeted segments and customized messaging required to increase sales.

  • Built-in text message compliance

Flexible built-in tools can help you by sending messages to only those recipients who have especially said they want to hear from you at the most suitable times. Default quiet hours can be set based on region, and should suppress recent recipients from receiving additional messages. Consent tracking across channels will help you keep track of your subscribers and ensure everyone is on the same page. 

  • SMS and multi-channel list growth tools

Use advanced list growth tools across channels and locations to expand your SMS list. These include targeted, customizable pop-ups and flyouts, consent at eCommerce checkout, custom keyword opt-in, embedded forms, two-step forms, and click-to-text email banners.

  • Flexible, accurate attribution and reporting

Determine which messages via which channels (text and email) generate the most money for your company. Use Klaviyo for cross-channel attribution with flexible attribution windows for email and SMS to avoid double counting or using unreliable data to make decisions. The Automatic UTMs feature ensures that every link points to the right campaign. Use subscriber growth reports, campaign and flow performance reports, and cross-channel performance reports to track progress and improve where needed.

  • Two-way conversations

Respond to incoming queries, obtain feedback, and enhance client interactions by promptly replying to all customers. Use built-in SMS inbox for incoming replies to flows and campaigns and have saved responses for repeated questions and inquiries. 



Klaviyo text-to-buy is a single platform with many useful SMS features for businesses to turn texts into dollars. It can help create better customer experiences, faster communication with customers, grow customer base and business, increase revenue, and much more. Send personalized and automated text messages using Klaviyo to get shoppers to start buying. The shoppers have to send a simple text message wherever they are, and they are on their way to completing a purchase. 

According to a survey, 91% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands that send personalized offers and recommendations. With Klaviyo text-to-buy, you can keep customers coming back for more. Take advantage of all the benefits mentioned above by using this tool. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a free trial of Klaviyo and start using text to buy today!