Brand owners are always looking for ways to make their brand stand out and be memorable. One way to do this is through a logo. A logo is an important part of a company’s identity and a good logo design can portray the message they want to convey in a simple image or symbol.

Designing logos can be difficult. Therefore, there are many factors that need to be taken into account. This blog post will provide you with some tips on how you can create a professional quality logo without breaking your bank.

Layers of Logo Design Process

Layers of Logo Design Process

There are some things to keep in mind before creating a logo. First and foremost, one needs to know their target audience as well as any competitors who might exist within that industry. Thus, what your brand offers should be reflected through its logo at first glance. This allows your target audience to decide on whether or not they want what you’re selling

The above-mentioned and other technicalities and aspects of the logo designing process are further explained below.

Logo Design 

Logo Design 

The whole design process starts with an idea and it is always advised to go for a SIMPLE theme. However, following are some essential things to keep in mind when designing a logo.

Shape – A complex form may be understandable to a person of interest, but for a layman, a simple vector shape will be easy to identify. A mix of both should be the target. 

Size – If the logo is too big, it will become a hassle in promotional content or advertisements and may also seem irrelevant. On the other hand, a logo too concise will be hard to understand (or even see). Therefore, the optimum size is appealing to the eyes and fulfills most of the requirements.

Color – The color palette is mainly based on the offered product. The light, soft colors can be used when promoting a cruise trip. Whereas, an energy drink will require aggressive branding with red, blue, or other heavy tone colors. It is better to match the colors and design as they will easily work together and look soothing to the eye.

Style – The logo style can be based upon the product or a general description of the idea behind the brand. Too simple may become boring to look upon, and too complex will be hard to interpret.

Font – The font or typography is optional or based upon the type of logo. The font choice should be easily understandable and blending in with the color and designs. 

Types of Logo Design

Types of Logo Design

Emblem Logo Design

A simple design features a geometrical shape and may or may not contain typography. It is the oldest of the designs of logos and still highly relevant and used.

Pictorial Logo Design

As the name implies, it is a graphical picture used as a symbol. The visual elements of a pictorial logo should associate with the audience and make them understand the brand. 

Wordmark Logo Design

The most popular of logo designs are the wordmark logo or logotypes. It is typography or letters which may contain single or multiple color strands. The wordmark logo can add uniqueness points to the brand by making it exclusive.

Lettermark Logo Design

The use of acronyms for the logo to define a brand is known as lettermark logos. It can be the initial letters of the brand name or some other letters representing the product or brand.

Abstract Logo Design

The simple design or vector shape is called an abstract logo. It is used to evoke feelings of choice in the audience and differentiate from competitors. Although the abstract logo looks unique, and simple, using it on a small scale can trigger trust alarms.

Mascot Logo Design

Adding human reference in the logo is called the mascot logo, and it can be used to convey positive feelings and attach more with the audience.

Combination Logo Design

A combination logo is the combination of different types of logo, mostly pictures with letters. If the above specific types are not of choice, the mix and match of different logo designs can be used, with the addition of letters.


Logo Design with Out Origin experts

Your logo is the most important part of your brand, and it’s what people identify and remember about you. What does a strong logo design entail? The best logos are those that have meaning behind them, and they convey an emotion or tell a story.

If you want to improve yours, study others who work in your industry and stay on top of trends. A uniquely created design from the hands of a professional can do wonders for your brand. A professional quality logo with an impeccable design will hold meaning in the market, possess a story to tell, and reflect the time, money, effort put into its creation.

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