Before the launch of a product, many things need to be considered. One such thing is getting good rankings with SEO (search engine optimization) as early in the process as possible. Marketing with optimized content makes it much easier to reach your target audience through an online presence well ahead of time. Even if viewers do not buy anything at first glance, their browsing history will help them know what kind of products would suit them best next time around. Here are 5 SEO essentials that you need to incorporate before launching your product.

Add keywords to your product descriptions.

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Keywords are a powerful tool for getting your product noticed in search engine results. They should be used as early as possible. It’s important to add keywords to the first paragraph of your product descriptions before launching them. This helps people find your products easily when looking through search engines. Try including one or two seed keywords along with synonyms for them. These keywords will also give you a better chance of ranking higher on the results page.

Create blog posts about your products.

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SEO-friendly blog posts are a great way to post about your every product. Once you’ve created the content for each of your products, put them into one blog post. The blog will include all descriptions with keywords incorporated and other information such as materials used or sizing charts. Moreover, it will help to improve your traffic by navigating visitors from the blog to your product pages.

Use social media to promote your business.

SEO Things You Should Do Before Launching A Product | Social Media for Product Promotion | Out Origin

Since social media is a popular platform, it’s essential to make sure that you have accounts on different accounts for your business. You can then use this tool to promote and increase your company’s visibility on the web by posting images or links. These will be related to your products with other sites where they are available for sale. Moreover, blogs will help get additional traffic from people who are interested in buying your product.

Start building links.

SEO Things You Should Do Before Launching A Product | Link Building | Out Origin

As a website owner, you need to make sure that your site has been cited as the authoritative source for anything related to your niche or product type. This will help with rankings and can have long-term traffic benefits if done correctly. The reason? It positions yourself in front of consumers looking specifically for products that fall under the same niche as yours.

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Avoiding duplicate site content.

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The goal of search engines is to show the most relevant information related to a keyword or query. It doesn’t always mean showing your audience pages with identical content over and over again. You need unique, high-quality posts on your website for them to be ranked appropriately by Google. Suppose someone searches for a keyword/phrase on Google, and they click on your site but find duplicate content from other pages. In that case, you’ll be penalized because the search engine will think you’re trying to game their system.


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Launching a product requires dedicated research and execution. A good SEO strategy is necessary before and during the new product launch. At Out Origin, we hold expertise in digital marketing and SEO-related services. Give us a call, and we can help you devise the perfect SEO strategy for your new product’s success.