PPC campaigns are a great way to drive more immediate results, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Integrated with Google Ads, PPC provides revenue-generating opportunities that are not available through other digital marketing methods. The year 2020 proved to be quite beneficial for online businesses due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Statistically, PPC marketers got quick returns on their investments by running targeted campaigns. In 2021 it’s time we talk about six tips that help be a more effective Pay-Per-Click marketer.

Know your budget first.

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To become a good PPC marketer, research the average cost per click for your industry and compare it to how much budget is spent each day. You can then use this information as an estimate of what your daily goals will be. Setting unrealistic or too-high expectations is only going to lead you down one path: disappointment. When examining a business’s finances, what’s important is determining the maximum spending limit, whether it’s on brand awareness, lead generation, or anything else.

Choose keywords with low competition.

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A good PPC marketer focuses on one unique and a longer keyword for better results. Make sure you research for medium volume, low competition keywords within the industry. Tools such as an Ad Planner help generate new ideas when researching high traffic phrases or building ad groups of related terms together. You can get more exposure and clicks from potential customers interested in those particular products/services since there’s less competition. 

Set your bidding strategy manually. 

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With PPC campaigns, Google enables you to set bidding limits on ads. With this option, you can control spending and bids per click (CPC), which is one way that has been found effective in small-budget campaigns. Furthermore, advertisers can customize their bid campaign settings. Suppose there are specific days when budgets need to be lower than others or during certain times of the day. In that case, these customizations will help ensure that those rates don’t exceed what was set beforehand.

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Use remarketing campaigns.

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One way to keep your company’s name in front of potential customers is by using a remarketing campaign. This helps companies target those who have already visited their website before and are more likely to purchase. It’s simply because they’re familiar with the brand or service being advertised. With this targeted approach, you can generate better results at an affordable cost. You don’t need expensive advertising throughout multiple platforms but reach out through Facebook ads that will get seen by the most receptive people.

Optimize your landing page.

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If you want to maximize your clicks, make sure you optimize your landing pages besides investing in ads. You don’t need a single click to lead someone down the conversion funnel. Think about what they might be looking for when it comes time for them to buy and offer up those perfect keywords in order of intent to best match their buyer’s journey. Give visitors an experience worth clicking through with the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Make smaller ad groups your target.

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After testing out campaigns, you may notice that your ad groups are not as effective. This might be because they have too many keywords, or it could also be due to irrelevant targeting. Targeting smaller and more specific ad groups will help drive clicks directly back to your site leading to higher revenue opportunities. Running small campaigns can ensure relevance by focusing on related keywords creating an efficient way of increasing traffic and revenue through time-bound promotions.

Final Thoughts

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PPC is an excellent way to get results without having to spend a ton of money on advertising. To be a good PPC marketer, do some research and find out what kind of people would be interested in your product. If all this sounds like something that might work for you, use the tips mentioned above when making your campaigns. If you have any queries, get in touch with us at Out Origin, and we will be more than happy to help.