TikTok has become the most used app by teenagers and young adults. Today, over 1 billion TikTok users across 150 countries consist of mostly (about 80%) under 30 years olds. 

So, suppose your company needs to reach out specifically to this age group. In that case, you should look into Tiktok creative strategies for marketing campaigns or creating content on their platform. People will always want something new from time immemorial, just like they crave innovation now more than ever before due to technological advancements.

2021 has been one fantastic year for TikTok. People worldwide celebrated, learned, supported, and even stayed at home – together. Since then, many brands that moved us in the best ways are central to an entertaining, inspiring, and connected TikTok experience. Whether they were starting trends or connecting communities with their unique campaigns–we’re thrilled to celebrate these creative entrepreneurs for going by the message, “Don’t Make Ads, Make TikToks! These US campaigns encouraged people to tap into their responsible side through mask-wearing and handwashing. It celebrated the creative expression, diversity & individuality of community members while also empowering small businesses in finding new consumers on TikTok.

It’s no secret that social media platforms are at the forefront of creating content in today’s day and age. But what if you could make your mark without having any followers? That is exactly where TikTok comes into play. With its wide variety of filters and an app that can be used on various devices – this platform has become very popular among people from all walks of life who want their voice heard. As a result, we saw publishers’, sports leagues’ teams’, nonprofit organizations’ etc.’ shape culture through using videos posted onto this site every single day, organically generating millions.

So, with that being said, we are moving ahead to see what brands had the most positive vibes on TikTok. So, here we have ten of the most inspiring TikTok Marketing brands and their trends.


The use of TikTok by Amazon is an excellent example of how to tap into new markets and audiences. The company has identified micro-influencers with high engagement rates and mega influencers who generate massive amounts of views on videos posted online through their accounts. One of which is #amazonpartner which has over 75 million views, and another is #amazonfinds with over 12.4 billion views. 

In addition, they have found success using ambassadorships – posting original content that comes directly from these smaller channels so it can be shared more efficiently throughout the larger community without replacing any authentic voices or ideas.


The famous Mexican chain has amassed over 350K followers, and it’s one of the best TikTok accounts. “Less Tok More Guac” is their motto that they live by to encourage people not just to eat at Chipotle but also upload videos about what you eat there. They first found success with the #ChipotleLidFlip Challenge, which originated from an employee who wanted his coworkers involved in something fun outside work. So he encouraged them all to drink pricing beer out loud while performing tricks off rooftops or other high places.

After their #Boorito campaign, Chipotle reported over 800K sales of guac on National Guacamole Day via TikTok Marketing. This was a follow-up to the successful summer dance challenge in July, which resulted in 250+ videos submitted and 430 million views during six days. The brand hasn’t been afraid about implementing new changes either; they started this Halloween bidding war by offering $4 burritos for anyone who came dressed as their favorite character at any location across America – including @zachking and DreaknowsBest, among others.

Elf Cosmetics

To stand out from the competition, e.l.f came up with a creative and engaging plan. First, they commissioned the song called “Eyes Lips Face” by an artist named bénédictins. Then enlisting influencers for their version where they showed off eyes and mouths and faces in different poses. These videos were then uploaded on social media platforms such as TikTok or Instagram Stories.

The song is catchy enough to get stuck in your head, and the lyrics make it easy for you to remember what e.l.f stands for. Plus, this challenge didn’t require any cosmetics, which means both men AND women could take part without feeling self-conscious about how their faces looked while doing so. 

Now, moving forward five months, the e.l.f videos on YouTube alone, gathered billions of views, and it’s all thanks to the hard work that went into making them. And it’s all for the valuable customers who want nothing more than some quality time spent on beauty tutorials.So, if you also want to gain loyalty points, you may require efficient PPC services to successfully run the game for you.


Fortnite has gained a large following on TikTok, with over 6 million followers. The game’s presence is established through influencer marketing and hashtag challenges that allow them to interact directly with other players online. It also provides content for viewers who want more gameplay videos or live streams of streamers playing the popular video game.

With only 4 videos posted to date, Fortnite has already gathered over 1 million followers on TikTok. The game’s launch campaign was ingenious – they hosted an #EmoteRoyaleContest, which challenged players and winners could be turned into official emotes for the iconic characters in their video-game world. That hashtag alone received 250 million uses between both platforms within one week after its inception. Doing all of this in a short span of time is hard, which is why you may require help from a PPC services agency to take care of strategies for you.


The much-loved denim brand, Guess got it right from their first post. They used an influencer campaign called #InMyDenim to promote new products and boost engagement with old ones by using fashionable outfits in videos filmed across different locations such as Miami – all shot within two weeks. Their performance marketing strategies were successful: with over 42 million views on these Instagram clips alone (and counting).

With a successful campaign, GUESS found the perfect influencers to help promote their new clothing line. They later followed up with #LoveGUESS and drove another 5 million views on TikTok alone. It seems like they’ve got it all figured out when it comes to engaging with potential customers through social media channels like Facebook or Instagram. They’ve sometimes even surpassed brands like Coca-Cola. Their most recent post featuring famous YouTube stars @brentrivera & @mylifeaseva had hundreds commenting about just why these particular celebrities captured an audience’s heart so quickly.


In a world where brands are desperately trying to get noticed, it’s refreshing when one grabs you by the ears and doesn’t let go. Gymshark has done just this with their account on TikTok – which currently stands at 1 million followers. There’s no doubt that they got help from the best brains in the industry. To achieve this level, you, too, would need expert help. Know what to ask your service provider before jumping in. 

While other brands are running behind on social media, posting once a day or not at all during the weekdays, GymShark frequently updates. Their posts include informative content and engaging motivational text, which keep their audience interested. They adapt accordingly for popular hashtags or challenges found within trending topics throughout different platforms such as Instagram stories etc.


The NBA has become one of the most popular brands on social media, with an impressive following across Facebook and Twitter. So it comes as no surprise that they rank among TikTok’s top accounts. NBA has attained over 10 million followers, making them large enough to be considered alongside other well-known brands.

The amazingness of the NBA’s social media strategy is that they specialize content for each platform. So if you want to know about current events and updates, follow them on Twitter; if it’s game highlights with cool plays in action, then check out their Instagram page (and make sure not to miss these). But when short-form videos are more what people need from ads on TikTok – ones that engage quickly without requiring much time investment – what better way than through comedy memes!?


Ryanair has managed to be one of the most successful brands on TikTok by using humour and trends. The consistent and powerful tone in their postings has resulted in many viral videos, which assist with growth as they now total over 1 million followers. However, it is their amazing performance marketing techniques that win the game for them. 

Ryanair has come up with a new way to market their flights. Instead of using human models or traditional commercials, they use an online filter that turns any background into something cute and adorable. So, for example, the company uses trending sounds from across Europe alongside memes to make sure viewers are always engaged while seeing how cheap it can be for them to go on vacation.

The Washington Post

The Washington Post has created a well-designed channel on TikTok that caters to the needs of its audience. The channel’s focus is not only short-form news videos but also fun and engaging behind-the-scenes skits, which give viewers an insight into what it must be like working for this newspaper.

The Washington Post has used this strategy for ads on TikTok to generate over 445K followers and buy themselves some goodwill with TikTok’s younger demographic.

Wrapping It Up

With TikTok ads, anything is possible. You can create an account and upload videos in a matter of minutes – all it takes to start your brand on this social platform are some creative ideas. For example, one hygiene company has created several Funny Videos centered around dry skin; they’re perfect for those who suffer alongside us or just need something lighthearted after dealing with more than enough drama at workday (and life). So, if you need any help launching the right TikTok campaign, you can always contact a professional for PPC Services.

Marketers have been slow to recognize the popularity and influence of TikTok. The platform offers an opportunity for brands, but success on it depends largely upon creativity- so be prepared. A great way marketers can capitalize is by creating exciting content that will resonate with younger audiences who love seeing new formats delivered through this app – especially those looking at their favorite stars’ profile pages daily.